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Mustache, ERB and the future of templating by Kyle Neath

Mustache, ERB and the future of templating There are days that I feel like I’ve spent the better part of my life inside templating languages. I’ve rocked hundreds of different styles of templates over the past 8 years. Smarty, vBulletin templates, generations of Wordpress, J2EE, XSLT, CFML, ERB, HAML, Mustache and every form of in-house bastardized template language that exists. So when I say that {{ mustache }} is my favorite templating language I’ve ever worked with, I mean it with a great deal of sincerity and experience. It’s syntactically elegant, focused on output (HTML), encourages documentation, and discourages unmaintainable magic. I want to use it everywhere. I mustache you,...

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