What kind of moustache should i grow

Different types of mustaches and beards. 6 ways to grow a moustache

Beard and mustache style 2016. 6 ways to grow a moustache Facial hair is cool, it’s hip ─everyone in Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY) has it─ and it makes you look older wiser. But if you happen to be a kid, a woman or Right Said Fred, it can be hard for you to go with the hipster flow. Don’t worry, we got you covered! Because according to exactly one source today is Moustache Day, we did our research, reviewed and rated six different techniques that allow you to instantly grow hair on your virtual upper lip and beyond. Go crazy and experiment with the horseshoe (cowboy-style), the walrus (police chief style), the pencil (John Waters style), the Hitler (in fact no, don’t do...

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