Are mustaches coming back

Are mustaches coming back. Hair Affair: 15 Beard Styles to Wear With Honor

Upper lip mustache. Hair Affair: 15 Beard Styles to Wear With Honor A respectable chin wig is the height, the peak, the apex of manhood, and anyone that tells you otherwise is lying right to your sweet, thatched face. Sure, women often complain about them, they tend to itch, and good luck eating anything without having to then dig detritus of it out of your bitchin’ whiskers, but beards are still worthy of our love. We evolved them for a reason, and that reason is to reach the zenith of style and cope with the world unafraid, as we hide behind a bunch of face fuzz. Johnny depp moustache style. In celebration of the beard we’re going to look at how to wear each of these 15 beard...

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