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The 10 Best Brit Detective Shows, Ever

T he trailer for the new adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express is just weird. For one thing, Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot, trim and blond, looks very little like Christie’s rotund, black-haired sleuth. He overdoes the mustache, adorning his face with an enormous, Chester Alan Arthur monstrosity. The hodgepodge of a cast features everything from aging British thespians to American B-list actors to Broadway stars to... wait, Johnny Depp? And then it’s capped off with an Imagine Dragons track. For a minute, it almost looks like a prequel to Snowpiercer. Even so, it’s nice to see Hollywood making an old-fashioned Golden Age mystery, because we don’t get many of them on the...

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Overall rating page: 3.2 / 5 left 611 people.

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