Growing a handlebar moustache

Talking Beards with The Beardcaster: Ep.41-Brian Furby of Can You Handlebar

Ep.41-Brian Furby of Can You Handlebar Brian Furby of Can You Handlebar is one busy guy. We spent a few hours talking about lots of beard related things and where he got his start in the "bearding" scene. We went back to his roots and learned about his fathers growth and his own experimentation with styles as her grew up till he settled with what he has. Getting involved with charity work through his Title Beard events and website to how he ended up becoming an integral part of the Can You Handlebar monster. One of the main reasons I was talking to Furby was to have him unveil something that has been in the works with The Beardcaster. Last episode, Dr. Adam Causgrove shared that the...

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