How to grow a full mustache

How to Survive Beard Grow Out in 4 Easy Steps, Team True Beauty

Alright, Men. You’ve decided to grow a beard. Or, you’ve been on a tropical/skiing/hiking/fishing/hunting trip, and apathy, sloth, and the great outdoors have decided you’ll grow a beard. Whatever your reason for taking the facial hair plunge, we’re here to make sure the annoying beard growth stage doesn’t get the best of you. We want to help you survive the shag, skin issues, itches (the itches! Yes, it’s a thing), and grooming do’s and don’ts for ultimate chin swagger. Today, we’re breaking down the four stages of beard growth, and how to sport whiskers any ZZ Top fan would be proud to wear. You can skate by on your rugged stubble charm for the first weeks of grow-out. However, if you’...

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