How to get thick moustache

The Mustache: A four-step user’s guide, FREESKIER

Second only to skis, the lip caterpillar is your most essential piece of gear. Mustaches have a long, wonderfully furry history. The word itself is derived from the Latin radus maximus hairus, which translates to “super duper rad hair on the handsome face of a gnar pup.” It’s a loose translation. Mouth brows have been ubiquitous since the cave dwellers, but they grew in fame in the 18 century amongst soldiers, artists, aristocrats and that guy at the wedding everyone loves because he’s just so fun. The 1980s saw a furred boom of popularity when Mike Ditka led the Chicago Bears to glory and Tom Selleck set the bar for rugged good looks and solving crimes in Hawaii. But mustaches have always...

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