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Walking the Berkshires: "A Kiss Without A Beard is Like an Egg Without Salt"

January 07, 2007 "A Kiss Without A Beard is Like an Egg Without Salt" If this is not truly a proverb, it should be. Time was in our society a beard was a mark of status and distinction. It commanded respect, conveyed maturity and, like the lion's mane or the peacock's tail, was an unmistakable sign of masculine virility. Back in the heyday of facial hair in America - the period between our Civil War and Europe's Great one - whiskers were oiled, shaped and groomed into a vast array of styles, one of the few areas in the rigid codes of men's attire (particularly among the well-to-do) where a man's individuality was allowed to flourish. In contrast, today's white collar males set themselves...

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