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Why the Halloween Blizzard still matters, 25 years later, MinnPost

On Oct. 29, 1991, no place in America was happier than the Twin Cities. The Twins had recently won their second World Series in five years, with a first-baseman who went duck-hunting between games and a star outfielder whose credit-card ad began, “You don’t know me, but ….” There were parades that day in both St. Paul and Minneapolis, a party at the Metrodome, and a one-word utterance from manager Tom Kelly: “Wow.” Few fans, flush with victory in the climate-controlled Dome, likely noticed that the day had begun, at midnight, with a high of 64, and that the temperature had been falling ever since. It bottomed out at 26 that night, a drop of nearly 40 degrees. For the next several days, the...

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