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Luka Sabbat Is Gen Z’s ‘It’ Boy

“Y’all still wearing jeans?” the 21-year-old model, actor, and influencer Luka Sabbat tweeted in November to his 377,000 followers. The question was illustrated by a stream of “face with tears of joy” emoji, which generally translates to someone laughing at you, not with you. For a moment, I took Sabbat’s modern Diana Vreeland dictate to heart. I really should stop wearing jeans, I thought. (Boot-cut jeans, he later clarified, can still be worn.) About an hour later, Sabbat — whose other medium is Instagram, where he has 1.6 million followers — threw his acolytes another curveball. “It’s 2018 and mfs still out here wearing shoes,” he said, adding a “face palm” emoji this time. “Like bro...

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