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The Work We Do: Chris Angielczyk, A Sharp Fella Barbershop - Riverhead News Review

How you doing? My name is Chris Angielczyk from A Sharp Fella barbershop in downtown Riverhead. I opened the business last spring. Usually, I’m hustling in the door. The first thing I do is turn everything on: make sure there’s towels in the warmer, lather in the machine, which is my pride and joy; it’s from the 1940s. We do hot-towel shaves the old-fashioned way. We also do scissor cuts, razor shaping. It’s nostalgic in here. [This shop] is basically the image, if I closed my eyes, what I had in my head when I first walked into a barbershop in Brooklyn around 1983. That shop was probably there since the ’40s. Riverhead has always been a second home for me. I started cutting hair here in...

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