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During the month of November, you may notice more and more men start to grow out their facial hair. In what has quickly become a worldwide movement, Movember encourages men to rock the ‘stache, while No-Shave November suggests the full-on beard. Both charities are trying to raise awareness around men’s health issues that are surrounded by stigma and often ignored. But there’s a bonus! Not only are participants helping raise awareness and money for charity, they become unequivocally more attractive too. Studies show that both women and men prefer facial hair on a partner. Movember looks.

Here is a quick guide to sporting the different looks of Movember/No-Shave November:

These “sexiest styles for men” are based on a study from the University of Queensland in Australia. Researchers surveyed over 8,000 women, showing them pictures of the same men with different levels of facial hair. They were then split into groups and asked questions relating to overall attractiveness, short-term attractiveness, and long-term attractiveness.

Whether you are looking for just a fling or long-term commitment, one thing is for certain: facial hair is the way to go. You may receive some added bonus points for participating with either charity, but you can’t go wrong with these looks all year round. However, once you’ve decided that you’re on the market and looking to sport some facial hair, you may want to consider a particular look for your goals.

The sexiest look dubbed by survey participants is some stubble! This look works best for those entertaining a short-term relationship or one-night stand. These types of relationships are founded more in attraction rather than commitment, so why not pick the best look? Almost any man can pull it off, but just make sure you keep stubble neatly trimmed at all times.

The walrus moustache

On the other hand, the full beard helps to play on our primal instincts. This display of masculinity signals to a mate that you are capable of protecting them and the kids. For this reason, the beard is perfect for giving vibes that you’re into a long-term relationship. However, some men cannot pull off a beard. If you’re not blessed with great follicles, you can always subvert back to the stubble. At least it’s better than being clean-shaven!

Even if you’re too patchy to pull off the beard, most men can still pull off a mustache. This look is a happy medium between the subtle stubble and full-on lumberjack. Perhaps this look isn’t sexy to every woman, but it’s worth giving a try. Despite being a long time source of controversy, the ‘stache can signal maturity to a partner, which isn’t a bad thing for either short-term or long-term commitments.

When choosing which look you want to rock this November (and perhaps for many months after) don’t forget the bigger picture. So many men’s health issues are not talked about and go untreated because of the stigma surrounding them. For instance, Movember started in 2003 by raising awareness for prostate cancer.

How to keep mustache in shape

In the United States, 1 in 9 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer sometime in their life. That’s why it is imperative to get a prostate exam early and often. But did you know that frequent ejaculation via sex or masturbation may also help lower the risk? Hopefully, growing some facial hair can boost your game enough to help with this. If you need an extra boost, ED medications like Sildenafil can help you stay in the game and focused on your goals.

Now, Movember and No-Shave November have grown to include an array of crucial men’s health issues. Did you know that testicular cancer is the most common cancer in young men? That’s why it is imperative to conduct testicular self-exams. Did you also know that colorectal cancer is the number two cause of all cancer deaths?

What’s most important is that everyone educates themselves on these issues, and so many more, including mental health, cancer prevention, and childhood cancer. Read more to break the stigma and start a conversation.

How to thin your mustache
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