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Elvis Presley was without a doubt one of the most influential and popular performers of the twentieth century. Known by many as simply Elvis, he came to be known as the king of rock and roll. The truth is that he was the pioneer of a new type of music that blended rock, country, and rhythm and blues that came to be known as rockabilly. There are many things about his life and career that are unique, even til today. One of his trademarks in his appearance was the Elvis Presley Mutton Chop sideburn.

Mutton chop is the name given to a unique style of sideburns that grow down to the corners of the mouth. They were given this name because of their resemblance to joint of mutton. Another variation is known as the friendly mutton chop because the sideburns are connected by a mustache with the chin clean shaven.

Elvis Presley sideburns

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Mutton chop sideburns were probably made popular by Elvis Presley. It was his habit to allow his sideburns to grow long and wild while shaving his beard and mustache. In addition, Presley normally dyed his naturally dark hair jet black, including his sideburns.

Elvis Presley mutton chop sideburns

There was a great deal more to Elvis’s trademark look than just the Elvis Presley mutton chop sideburn. He also favored white bell bottom pants and a white jacket with ornate beadwork on the back. This was the look he wore every night while performing in Las Vegas. It appears that the pressure of maintaining his concert and recording schedule led to drug abuse, which caught up with him and caused his death in August of 1977.

How to trim a thick mustache

Mutton chops are not a very popular style at the present time, with the exception of people dressing in costumes to look like Elvis. However, they, like many of the clothing styles from the 1970s are gaining in popularity.
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