Stylish mustache. Animal Crossing: New Horizons — Every Personality Type, Ranked

The latest Animal Crossing installment, New Horizons, features nearly 400 different villagers who could end up on your island. While each of these animals has a unique look, catchphrase, and home, they also have one of eight potential personalities that will affect how they interact with those around them. Trendy mustache.

The villagers are far more complex than their single personality type, but knowing how these types work will help you better relate to your islanders. This list will cover them all from the worst to the best. Since determining how good a personality type is can be subjective, what constitutes the “best” villager types are those that are easiest to get along with.

8 Snooty

While Snooty villagers aren’t always fun to be around, you’ll find 55 of them in New Horizons.

Snooty animals are commonly shades of pink, purple, gold, and white. Other physical characteristics that are commonly found on this type of villager include droopy eyes, makeup, and an overall stylish appearance.

These villagers are known for being materialistic and fashionable, often critiquing the player and boasting about themselves. Though they're the most difficult female personality to befriend, they warm up to players over time.

7 Cranky

There are around 60 Cranky villagers in New Horizons. They have deep voices, droopy faces, and are a little rough around the edges. Though Cranky villagers might become more cordial toward players when they get to know them, they definitely won't be kind right away.

Cranky villagers have an unusual sleep schedule, settling in around 5 a.m. and waking up near 10 a.m. They like to spend most of their time alone in their houses as opposed to being outside with their neighbors.

They tend to bond with equally stubborn personality types, specifically other Cranky or Snooty villagers. However, Peppy, Smug, and Uchi villagers might have trouble getting along with Crankies due to their cold personas.

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The rarest male personality in New Horizons is Smug. First introduced in New Leaf, Smug villagers are perhaps the most complicated of the personality types. While animals with Smug traits tend to think highly of themselves, they also know how to be positive, cool, kind, and even flirtatious.

Smug villagers often clash with Cranky, Jock, and Sisterly villagers due to their arrogance. However, Smugs usually get along with the rest because of their versatile interests.

These villagers tend to have a somewhat sophisticated look, oftentimes sporting hair, mustaches, or other trendy features.

An Uchi villager (also known as a Sisterly villager) will always be one of the first two animals to show up on a new island. They are the rarest type of personality in the game, with only 24 in existence.

While Uchi villagers can be stubborn at times, they more commonly take players under their wing and offer up advice. Though not quite as active as Jock villagers, they are also frequently found outdoors and are easy to get along with.

Uchi villagers tend to like a variety of clothing types, so you can expect to see them wearing a lot of different styles.

The most common kind of male villager is the Jock. There is always one Jock villager living on your island at the start of the game, and yes, these guys are full of energy.

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Though Jocks can be a little boastful, they are more obsessed with working out and staying active. This is why you’ll usually see them lifting weights or sprinting in tanks and T-shirts. While they sometimes participate in town gossip, they’d much rather prefer to stay focused on their own self-improvement.

While Jocks struggle to relate to the Lazy villagers, they have no problem hanging out with Peppy ones.

3 Normal

Normal villagers are sweet and caring female animals who are easy to befriend. Because these gals don’t have any extreme characteristics and act motherly toward their friends, most other villagers have no problem hanging out with them (although Cranky and Snooty personalities might still be hard to crack).

Normal animals are easy to track down since they only sleep for four hours each day, between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m.. Like Uchi villagers, the Normals cycle through a wide range of clothing choices.

Although the name might imply they’re boring, Lazy villagers are actually pretty fun to bond with; they simply prefer the more leisurely activities on the island, including fishing and catching bugs.

Like animals with Normal personalities, Lazy villagers are easy to bond with and rarely come into conflict with the other animals.

They are commonly dressed in casual outfits. A good portion of them also happen to have closed or droopy eyes.

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1 Peppy

The friendliest, most excitable villager in New Horizons is the Peppy villager. These female animals have many hobbies including fashion, cooking, and keeping up on the latest gossip.

Peppy villagers are frequently out and about and are sweet toward players, treating them like a best friend. Though the looks of Peppy animals vary, they're usually brightly colored with cheerful faces. They're bubbly, interesting, and everything one could ask for in a gal pal.

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