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Selecting a beard style can sometimes get very difficult for men. I am here to help anyone who is not sure how to style their beard. Now it’s the month of July 2015 and I know that I am a bit late in posting this. But as they say, everything has a reason. LOL. I can connect things in a weird way. So the story behind this post is that I have a friend of mine who is tall, dark and handsome and has an almost round face. He asked me if I can suggest any beard style that would suit him. That’s when I realized that I have not really seen my friends experimenting with their facial hair.

Well. I am here to help you out in figuring out the facial hairstyles that are in trend now and you must try.

1. Goatee:

This is one of the easiest looks to carry if you are new to growing facial hair. Whenever you are going to achieve this look, try to keep your hair cut short. The side locks can be grown a bit depending upon your face shape.

This goes perfectly with square and oval faces. This style has thick sidelocks which give a dimension to the square face covering the sharp edges.

Mustache vs moustache

Mustache growing guide

This below style suits the men with a diamond-shaped face. This style complements the lower half of the face.

Men with heart-shaped face mostly avoid experimenting with their facial hair as their primary focus is on the forehead hairline which is not so easy to work with. But to distract the attention from the forehead, you can try growing some facial hair and just trim it a bit. Keep it natural yet sophisticated. I am sure you are going to look handsome.

your mustache and beard don’t have a connection

I know many of you guys might have faced this as a problem when the French style of beard was the biggest fashion trend. But don’t worry if not french style we have the warrior style.

I just saw the image and I could instantly connect it to Orlando Bloom! If you are skinny and you have less hair growth on face then you should try this style.

Magnum mustache

Guys with oblong face shape are gifted with very well defined cheekbones. A very light trimmed beard and way too little mustache would suit these face shapes.

Men will be men. Most men are lazy and even they find it difficult to shave their beard every day. I feel that growing a full beard is great and manly. But I prefer the below style. Grow the full beard and lightly trim it. I am sure this one will suit all men except for the round face. Beard Style is just so easy.

8. Beard styles for Round Face

I just kept the list simple and best for the last! Men tend to put on weight with the age unless taken care of the physique. But this beard style would probably solve all the problems. Well, try for yourself and thank me later. You are making your cheeks look sleek by just a very tiny layer of facial hair and at the same time, you are elongating your chin by adding up a simple french style mustache and beard. Nothing is overdone and you are bound to get compliments. Get this style and surprise your girl on the day of the proposal.

Until I get another interesting topic, please do watch this space for more


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1920s moustache styles

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