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If you are looking for a new style and want to stay up to all the latest fashion trends, you have several unique and trendy beard styles to choose from if you are a black man. Male mustache styles.

The popular beards styles for black men have always been a sort of unique inspiration derived from free spirits who were not afraid to push the boundaries.

Before you grab your razor and trimmers and get cutting, ask yourself what image you want to portray first.

Be sure to take into account that many of these 20 trendy and popular beard styles for black men are designed for different face shapes.

Pick one that complements your best features and gives you that irresistible style that women and men will not be able to resist. Make sure your haircut directs attention to the beard.

The following guide on popular and trendy beards for black men will allow you to see all the unique choices available so that you can experiment to see which one brings out the best in you.

When your haircut and beard harmonize with your face, your look will be fresh, sexy, hot, and stylish – all wrapped in one.

20 Popular Beard Styles for Black Men

1. The Full Beard

The full beard used to be the most popular beard style for black men, and for good reason. The good news is that what was old is new again, and this classic beard style has been making a resurgence in recent years.

Regardless the haircut or hair growth pattern, the full beard can be shaped and sculpted to go with just about any face. Black men with high-coiffed hair will be able to pull off this look easily.

The full beard is also popular with lovers of vintage styles who can appreciate this aged look.

2. The Five O’clock Beard

Make no mistake about it, a five o’clock shadow will make any man look irresistible. Today, black men of all ages are in search of the perfect three-day-old beard because it gives the appearance of the five o’clock shadow.

Don’t get fooled by this laid back and lazy look because it does require some serious maintenance to pull it off successfully.

The cheek and neck area must be shaved on a daily basis in order to master the look, while a quality beard oil will help to give the rest of the facial hair that relaxed cool appearance.

Trim the beard every three days to maintain this incredibly sexy look.

3. The Goatee

One of the most popular beard styles for black men today is the manly goatee beard. The biggest appeal for guys with the goatee beard is that you can sculpt it in different ways but still get the desired look.

Black guys who have rounded faces can really make the most of this beard style by incorporating and connecting it to the mustache.

Regardless if you trim the edges thin or let them go thicker, the goatee beard commands attention especially when it is allowed to reach its full potential.

4. The Short Beard

One of the more appealing beard trends in the African-American communities is the short beard.

It might appear on the surface that men with black skin would not be able to pull off the shorter beard because it blends with their skin color, but it actually helps to give them a look many women and men actually prefer.

The trick is to let the beard grow out longer than three days to get past the sloppy stage. Once it has grown out for a week or more, the beard will line up and become more symmetrical.

5. The Carved Beard

Young black men are sporting the carved beard because it better allows them to express their own unique personality. This sculpted beard style features perfectly shaped contours that require dedication and skill to master.

A precision trimmer or razor are used to sculpt the cheekbones, goatee, neck, and mustache. It is best suited for black men with dense beard hair.

Be prepared however to be working on your beard daily to maintain this look. The extra work will definitely pay off in a huge influx of attention.

6. Soul Patch

Probably the simplest of all beard types for the black man. It gives black men that certain style that has an imperial feel to it.

Another variation of the goatee, the soul patch is simply a strip of facial hair that extends down from the lower lip to the chin and can be trimmed just about any width.

In addition to the soul patch, the mustache is a unique way to compliment this beard style and can extend all the way to the center of the chin to create the chin strap. This is a look that will certainly command your fair share of attention.

7. Nicolas II Style

If you have thought that you saw the last of this beard style back in the early twentieth century, know that it has seen a resurgence this year and it appears to be growing in popularity with black men especially.

Popular with hipsters, the beard style is nothing more than the beard peaking at the chin, complemented with a very long mustache. Don’t let this unique style scare you, it might appear different at first, but will certainly grow on you.

8. The Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke beard is clean, crisp, sharp, and really a unique twist on the traditional goatee.

Made popular by the Flemish artist Anthony Van Dyke, the beard style is nothing more than a small beard on the chin connected to the goatee but with little or no mustache at all.

This imperial look must be trimmed daily to maintain its appearance. This is certainly an acquired taste and one that leaves plenty of room for creativity when it comes to widening the soul patch or shaping the chin beard.

9. The Mutton Chops

One of the most daring beard styles for black men are the mutton chops. This is a look that requires a certain sense of bravery and commitment that will result in a style unlike any other.

To pull off this manly look successfully, the key is to shave the chin area, the mustache, and the soul patch,

The remaining hair on the sideburns needs to grow out longer, denser, and larger along the cheek and jawline. Once they have grown thick, they need to be trimmed along the edges to give them a bold powerful look.

10. The Chin Curtain

The chin curtain beard style is exactly what you would envision it to be if it was not described to you.

The beard is carefully trimmed starting at the sideburns in a perfect line down the jawline, along the chin, and back up to the other side.

The line of hair does not come in contact with the mustache. This linear design does require some skill and precision to get it right and may need to be trimmed daily to help it stand out.

To maximize the look of the chin curtain, shaving off the mustache is preferred.

11. The Anchor Beard

The anchor beard also goes by the name Balbo, and it’s a fun combination of the goatee and mustache.

Look at this beard style from a distance and it appears to look exactly like an anchor or possibly an inverted tree. Black actors in Hollywood have made this beard style extremely popular now.

The beard style is nothing more than a full thick goatee with a section shaved that connects the mustache and chin beard.

These two missing sections need to be trimmed daily to maintain the appearance of the anchor or Balbo beard.

12. Friendlier Mutton Chops

Now while the original mutton chops might scare some people, this watered down version is a friendlier alternative for those who want to be able to wear their mutton chops proudly.

The friendly mutton chops are the same length and shape as the original. The one big difference is that you want to grow out the mustache for a more inviting look.

To further complement this beard style for black men, allow the hair on the cheeks and jaw to grow to about medium length.

13. The Barely Shaved Beard

Do not get the shaved beard confused with no facial hair at all. Although from a distance it can appear you are clean-shaven, the trick here is to let the stubble grow each day to the same length before trimming.

By keeping the trimmer set on the lowest possible setting and shaving at the same time each day, by late afternoon this beard will look like little sprouts making their way to the surface of your face.

This sexy five o’clock shadow look can be trimmed and sculpted differently to allow facial hair to grow in precise areas.

Men's goatee styles

14. The Bald Man Beard

When it comes to beard styles for black men, the bald man beard is a classic that just never seems to go out of style.

Popularized by black men who were balding and still could grow full beards, the beard was thick and luxurious and climbed the jawline right to the edge of the ear before a clean line was made and no hair is allowed to proceed higher.

Not only does this look command attention, even guys with a full head of hair would shave it bald just to get the benefits and attention this look commands.

15. The Circle Beard

Here is a fun beard style that looks great with any face shape. The idea here is creating a small linear strip of beard that follows the jawline from the ears to the goatee.

The goatee will be growing in slightly longer to become the focal point. The trick here is not to go for squared off cuts with the goatee.

Everything needs to be rounded from the mustache to the chin beard, then up and towards the ears. This tame look is for black men who want to keep things sophisticated and yet mysterious at the same time.

16. The Split Beard

Allow your beard to grow in thick and full, then when it starts to extend past the chin, you can split it in two. This is a killer beard style that has become all the rage with Jack Sparrow and each release of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

This beard appeals to many guys who want to give the appearance of being wild and spontaneous, yet cool and collected at the same time.

17. Mid-Range Stubble

Just before the facial hair reaches a certain growth point, most likely in 4 – 7 days, you trim it and it looks like stubble.

The key here is that you are not going for the five o’clock shadow look that only takes a day to achieve, you want the facial hair to grow to the point it almost begins to resemble a beard but not quite.

A stubble beard does take some skill and dedication to master, but the benefits far outweigh all the efforts. This classic look is irresistible to anyone within arm’s length, and even a 1/2 inch of growth will suffice.

Be careful because if you miss the mark, you go from elegant celebrity to drunken hobo in a flash.

18. Ducktail Beard

This is not your typical neckbeard here, it is one of those beard styles for black men that has exploded in popularity in recent years.

Look at James Harden on the basketball court, how his ducktail beard commands attention in an arena of 50,000 screaming fans.

The key to the ducktail beard is allowing the chin hair to grow out as far as you can so that it resembles the tail of a duck, then shape it any way you like. Looks great with a tee-shirt and jeans or a business suit and sunglasses.

19. The Garibaldi Beard

This might appear on the surface to be nothing more than a completely out of control chin strap combined with a neckbeard. To pull this beard style off it does take a layer of commitment that mortal men can not handle.

This beard requires you to grow out the facial hair long below the chin in the shape of the letter “U”. The closer you can get to the “U” shape, the better the overall look.

20. The Mini Goatee

If you are serious about growing facial hair but the work environment puts a serious hurt on your ability to express yourself, then you might want to go with the mini goatee to start. This is about as small as you could go with the facial hair.

It is nothing more than a little strip of hair under the nose and some near the chin. Some guys just go with the tiny patch under the chin and leave it at that. Go small, and see how far you can push the limits without being asked to grab that razor.

So there you have it, 20 trendy and popular beard styles for black men that work with just about every shape face. Pick your style carefully and you become an instant star.

Perhaps take a chance and alter the style to your liking and elevate yourself to elite status overnight.

Having all these 20 most popular beard styles for black men in mind, remember that some of them may not be suitable for you, while others would look amazing. The factor that will decide that is your face shape.

Here are the best beard styles for black men that go with every face shape:

Long Face Shape

For a face that is already long, you will want to choose beard style that won’t make it even longer.

The most suitable beard styles for black men with this facial shape are mutton chops and 5 o’clock shadow beard. You should avoid long goatees and full narrow beards.

Square Face Shape

Black men with square face features need a beard style that will hide the angles of their face and make it rounder.

Any short beard style, under half an inch, will look better on you than a longer beard. The best choice is a goatee or just a mustache without a beard.

Round Face Shape

If you are a black man with round face, you should go for beard styles that will make it longer.

Again, goatee will look good on you, but a better choice would be a long, neat beard. Avoid growing mutton chops or a big mustache as these styles will only make your face wider than it already is.

Oval Face Shape

This is the most desirable face shape of all. Black men that have it are in luck because they can grow any beard style.

Oval faces are not too long nor wide, and that makes them perfect for experimenting with almost all beard types and styles.

Black Men Beard Problems

As you can see, black men beards are great, but they come with the set of problems and challenges that other bearded men never have to deal with.

This happens because black facial hair has a unique structure and character. There are a lot of beard problems black men face.

Black men facial hair tends to grow patchier, it is very curly, but also dry and wiry. In addition, black facial hair grows more slowly and is harder to groom and manage than the other beards.

Let’s explain the reasons behind all these problems with black men’s beards and how you can fix them.

Why Black Men Beards are Patchy and How to Fix This?

Bald spot beard is not only the problem of black men. While men of all ethnicities can develop a patchy beard, this happens more often to black men.

The reason behind this is, as usually, genetics. However, not all black men grow patchy beards. Some of them can have really epic, luxurious beards, and it seems that they are lucky enough to have such facial hair almost effortlessly.

Many others, on the other hand, struggle to attain a healthy, thick and full beard. The ways of dealing with a patchy beard are the same for every man, and it doesn’t make any difference whether you are a black man or not.

If you are a black man dealing with a bald spot beard, and you want to be able to grow a fuller beard, start by arming yourself with patience.

Growing a fuller beard takes a lot of time, dedication, and consistency in taking care of your facial hair.

Beard care routine should be followed regularly, and your beard care kit must contain the best beard care products.

With time, your beard will start to fill in, and even if it doesn’t, the longer hairs will cover the shorter ones or any bald spot that may be left.

Have in mind that beard becomes denser as you get older. This simply means that, if you are a teenager, you can’t expect to have a same, full beard as someone who is 25 years old.

To have a healthy and non-patchy beard means that you must pay attention to what you eat. Incorporating healthier foods with the necessary nutrients and proteins and drinking enough water can also significantly improve your facial hair growth.

It works by giving your follicles the nutrients they need to start growing while increasing blood flow to the follicles. Although this method works for some men, if you want the results to less, you will have to use it forever.

This should be your last resort for growing a fuller beard and you shouldn’t try it before consulting with the doctor previously.

Why Black Men Beards Grow Slower?

You may have heard that all facial hairs grow at about half an inch a month. This is true, but it is also true that they grow to different lengths.

New indian beard style

Now, this is not the case with black men’s beards. While other men’s facial hair grows about one inch every two months, black men have to wait 3 months and a few days to get to this length.

Another black men beard problem is the terminal length of their facial hair. Be careful with this, however.

Terminal length of the beard is predefined by genetics. For some guys, it takes 6 years to hit the terminal length of the facial hair, while others reach the maximum after only 2 to 3 months.

Black men’s facial hair is no different when it comes to the terminal length. Then again, there is another problem for these men’s beards – the texture.

Due to the different facial hair texture, black men will often notice that their beard is shorter than it really is. Although genetics is not fair at all, there isn’t much you can do about that.

The only thing that can be done is taking a good care of your beard, skin, and body with a proper diet, improved lifestyle and the use of quality products, beard oil in the first place.

Beard oil offers a lot of benefits to your beard and skin, but you will have to back it up with your diet and daily exercise to achieve the desired results.

Black Men Beard Texture

Potentially the biggest problem for black men is the texture of their facial hair. Black men beard grows in one of three ways:

Tightly packed, wavy zig-zags

These three problems reduce the overall length of the black men’s beards. Coils or spirals make black men’s facial hair grow together, thus looking like long springs that hang down your face.

This type of black men’s beard is the easiest to shape up and comb because it’s the softest and the strongest of all black man facial hair types.

The other black men beard type is when facial hair starts to grow long and wavy looking like a woven necklace hanging from your chin.

These beards are usually very dry and if your beard is long, it will appear to be shorter because of the zig-zag waves.

The most challenging beard type that black men can have is facial hair that grows in every way and direction. A beard like this is very hard to comb, and it requires a lot of beard oil and balm if you want to condition it properly.

Ingrown Facial Hairs

Over curly beards lead to more problems for black men, from which ingrown facial hairs are the worse. Other men can also suffer from ingrown facial hairs, but black men have this problem more often.

The structure of black facial hair follicle is flat. A structure like this leads to tightly coiled black hair and it’s the reason why many black men have to deal with ingrown facial hairs.

Ingrown hairs are also known as razor bumps and they happen when a hair starts growing backward or sidewards into the follicle, and not out of it.

After some time, a bump forms on that place and it can also become red, painful and irritated.

Some researchers have shown that shaven black men experience ingrown facial hairs more often than bearded ones. However, this is not a rule.

Facial hairs fall off and regrow, and that’s why bearded men can suffer from razor bumps too. Men with curly beards are more prone to ingrown facial hairs and their symptoms are worse.

Providing that black men’s beards are very curly, you can understand how big problem ingrown hairs are for them.

How to Grow a Black Man Beard?

In the beginning stages of beard growth, black men can’t know how will they facial hair turn out to be, or how will it react to some of the beard care products.

For everything else, black men should stick with the same routine and practices as other men when growing a beard.

You know that this means letting your facial hair grow 4 to 6 weeks before deciding on your future beard style. Four-week mark or two extra weeks will allow you to see the growth pattern of your facial hair.

In the first weeks, you are probably going to experience beard itch. Worry not, as this is a completely normal stage of beard growing every man has to go through.

After the first 4 to 6 weeks you will get a clear picture of the patchy or extra thick areas in your beard. This is important as it directly affects the beard style you will choose.

However, no matter the style, start taking care of your beard from the day one. Keep it washed, conditioned, properly trimmed and groomed.

Black Men Beard Grooming

Every bearded man should establish his beard grooming routine from the beginning. By sticking to your routine, you will keep your beard in shape.

Developing a grooming routine and choosing the best beard care products is especially necessary for black men’s beards.

The reason behind this is that facial hair of black men are more coiled, wiry and corse. To make it more manageable and smooth, black men need to put extra effort into conditioning their facial hair.

If you are a black-bearded man, here are a few things you should do when grooming your beard to prevent all the potential problems:

Using Quality Beard Care Products

The fundamental mistake black men make when it comes to their beard is applying the same products on their beards that they use on the head hair.

Hair care and beard care products have completely different functions. Products initially intended for black men head hair contain too many of the harsh chemicals, and they are very waxy and thick.

When used on facial hair, they often cause acne and clog your pores, but also a few more skin and beard problems and complications.

The same effect comes from soaps and synthetic shampoos that can be found at local supermarkets. They make your skin dry and strip your beard of all its necessary oils.

Black men beards are brittle and dry already, and because of that, you need to give them extra moisturizing. This can be achieved with some help of beard grooming products specifically designed to hydrate the beard and skin beneath.

Natural beard soap or cleansing oil are two of the first products black men should purchase. These products are designed specifically for beards and you should wash your face and beard with them one to two times a week.

Back up your beard care routine with a beard oil, balm, and butter made with natural ingredients to moisturize and condition your facial hair.

These three beard softeners are inevitable for black men who want to grow healthier and smoother beard.

You can say that beard oil is the one product that everything starts from. Daily application of beard oil has proven benefits for your beard, but also for your underlying skin.

Look for beard oils that contain pure argan and unrefined jojoba oil. Any added scents that beard oil may contain is better when it’s made with natural essential oils.

Avoid beard oils with fragrances as they contain harsh ingredients and chemicals that dry out your beard and irritate your skin. After all, essential oils also smell nice but are more beneficial for your facial hair and skin.

You will achieve the best effects with beard oil if you apply it after a shower when your beard is still a bit wet. This way your facial hair will become even softer.

Some black men may notice that their facial hair remains curly and fuzzy even after the application of beard oil. In that case, add a little amount of beard balm containing organic ingredients.

You will recognize a good beard balm by reading the ingredients on the label. The best beard balms are made with the same moisturizers as beard oils.

Along with them, they contain waxes and butter that hold the moisture and keep your beard and skin hydrated.

Look for the beard balms that have shea butter in them or make your own beard balm with this ingredient, as they can make your coarse facial hair more manageable.

Mustache styles with beard

Don’t exaggerate with beard balm, because a little amount can go a long way. After scraping the balm from the tin, rub your hands together to melt it and then spread it generously across your beard.

Depending on your preferences, you can either go with a beard oil or balm, or you can use them both for maximum conditioning.

Black men that want to know a secret on how to shape up their beards and keep them look on point the whole day should look into beard wax.

This product tames all the stray hairs and keeps them in place. You should put a little amount of beard wax onto your facial hair. Use thumbnail to scrape it from the tin, and then rub it and melt between the hands.

Spread beard wax generously on the wild hairs of your beard, which are usually the sideburns. After that, shape the rest of the beard.

Combing and Brushing Black Men Beard

Once you’ve applied beard oil and balm, you will want to comb and brush your beard to evenly distribute them.

The best beard comb for black facial hair is the one with teeth that have smooth edges. Cheap combs usually have sharper edges teeth and are made of plastic.

If you are combing your facial hair with plastic combs, it is more likely that you will break and damage your beard. Wooden beard combs, on the other hand, move through your beard smoothly.

For black men who have longer facial hair, a beard brush may be a better choice. Just like beard combs, not all beard brushes are of the same quality.

Although this may seem unnecessary, an excellent mustache comb determines how will your facial hair looks like. Go for the one with finer teeth if you want to groom your mustache perfectly.

Combing and brushing black men beards frequently are essential, but you have to do it properly. By now, you have realized that black facial hair is specific for many reasons.

When you are brushing your beard, blood is flowing to your facial hair follicles and the result is healthier and stronger beard less prone to breakage.

You have probably heard the expression going with the grain. This is precisely how you should comb and brush your black facial hair.

Brushing and combing the beard with the grain means that you should go in the direction where your facial hairs are pointed in.

Pro tip: Use your fingers to massage the roots of your facial hair in addition to brushing and combing it. The length of the beard doesn’t matter and you should do this even if you have some of the shorter beard styles like stubble.

Straightening Black Men Beard

Facial hair of black men can sometimes be so curly that it can’t be managed no matter how hard you try.

Maybe this is what you think, but nothing is impossible and there is a way to solve this problem. If you can’t stand your curly beard, try straightening it.

There are natural ways of doing it, by using chemicals and straightening irons. You should go with natural ways, but sometimes that won’t be enough, especially when you are a bearded black man.

In those cases, straightening hair irons and hair straightening systems go a long way in making your beard straight and more manageable.

Trimming Black Men Beard

Avoiding uneven or sloppy look of your black beard is not that hard as it might seem. The only thing you need to do is keep it always neatly trimmed.

Trimming your facial hair on a regular basis allows your beard to stay in shape and look clean and healthy. On the contrary, if not trimmed, your beard can develop split ends and become unmanageable.

Black men who are new to beard game will probably want to visit a barber for the first trimming. Barber will give you some tips on how you can trim your black facial hair the next time.

The barber will probably tell you, but it does not hurt that we repeat it. Black men must be very gentle with their skin.

When the time for trimming comes, make sure that you are shaving with the grain. Moving beard trimmer or razor in the direction your facial hair grows in is the safest way to do so.

Doing the opposite will damage your beard and skin. These tips are not applied only to black men beard care. They are universal for all bearded men.

Stop Picking Ingrown Facial Hairs

Over curly and frizzy beard that black men have to deal with, in addition, causes ingrown facial hairs and razor bumps.

Razor bumps can lead to inflammation and that’s why bearded men with darker skin are more prone to suffer from hyperpigmentation.

Dermatologists agree that beard has a protective role for black men face. However, waiting too long to deal with ingrown hairs damages hair follicles and severely reduce your beard growth.

Razor bumps should be treated as soon as possible if you want to avoid skin problems. One thing that you should avoid at all costs is trying to pull out an ingrown hair too aggressively as this will lead to scarring.

The best thing you can do is to consult a dermatologist and he will give you an advice on how to get rid of an ingrown facial hair.

Taking Care of Your Dark Skin

Moisturizing and hydrating your black facial hair is one thing, but cleaning and exfoliating the skin under your beard is also very important.

Products that contain fragrances, dyes and lanolin can irritate, dry out or cause clogged pores and black men should avoid them no matter what.

The best time to moisturize your skin under the beard is right after the shower. For this purpose, you can use beard oil or lotion.

While rubbing an oil or a lotion into your beard, make sure that you are getting down to the roots of your beard and skin.

You will be able to tell how successful you are in moisturizing your face skin by the number of flakes and dandruff. Beardruff usually indicates that the skin underneath your facial hair is very dry.

When moisturized properly, your skin won’t develop that many flakes. Face pores are more open after the shower, and that’s when they absorb moisturizers better.

It’s not good to put too much of beard oil or lotion onto your face as this can make your skin and beard too greasy and oily. Finding your sweet spot and sticking to it is the key here.

Don’t forget to use a moisturizer with a sunscreen when going outside. These moisturizers prevent skin aging and skin cancer. This is particularly important for black men, but all men should do it too.

Besides moisturizing, you also need to exfoliate your skin. That is one of the most important parts of black men beard care.

Get yourself an exfoliating cleanser that contains fruit or salicylic acid. These two ingredients prevent pores from clogging and also any potential ingrown hairs.

You can exfoliate your skin during or after the shower by using a washcloth. Gently rubbing your facial skin removes facial hair dandruff and dead skin cells while unblocking skin pores.

Oil and dead skin build ups can clog up your hair follicles, which leads to baldness over time because hair follicles die out.

The easiest way to remove them is by gently moving the washcloth in circular motions. This method eliminates any trapped oil and dirt that remained in your hair follicles. Note that when scrubbing your skin, you shouldn’t use too much force.

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