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A variation to this face shape is a quadrilateral that is wide at the top and narrow at the chin. People with this face shape are found to be creative and outgoing. Now invert this shape. That gives a face which broadens from top to bottom (a narrow forehead and wide jaws).

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· Your face shape is probably the most important part about choosing glasses. And a good place to start if you’re stuck. So have a good look at yourself in the mirror, get familiar with common face shapes like oval, square, or heart-shape and find out what to look for in your next pair. People with an oval face have a softly rounded forehead.

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Rectangle: when the longest measurement is the length of your face, but the other measurements are close. Round: Oval – while it’s not the most “alfa male” face shape out there, it is definitely a face that goes well with pretty much any hairstyle. If you have been lucky enough to be born with a round face, you have the absolute.

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The diamond shaped face is another longish face type (like oval and oblong shapes). The best hairstyles are those that slightly widen the face. Those include: Wavy styles; and/or. 5. Triangle Face Type Example (#2) Here’s an example of an upright triangle face shape. Great hairstyles for this type strive to add width to forehead and slim down.

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· Square Face Shape. You’re working with a strong jawline, which should be emphasized. We recommend opting for an undercut, which will make the most of your distinctive this face shape is versatile with different types of hair, don’t be afraid to experiment with other lengths and styles.

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haircut for oblong face shape works for any hair kind and hair colour. The only case when haircut for oblong face shape is not going to work for you is if in case you have very advantageous truthful hair or if you’re going bald on the crown. On this case the shortest haircut will look finest

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The oblong face is the perfect fit for a longer beard. These faded sideburns work great with this short hair /long beard look. The Hungarian mustache is a great addition but to our mind, it’s a bit extra. You could do fine with a basic wild west or lampshade mustache. 11. Hugh Jackman’s Mutton Chops. Hugh Jackman’s face isn’t oblong.

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· The diamond face shape is broadest at the cheekbones and narrow at the forehead and jaw. The chin is pointed. Try: Hairstyles that narrow the width at the cheekbones. Hairstyles that give width to your forehead and jawline. Decrease volume at your crown and around

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Also referred to as an oblong shape, the length measurement is the largest on rectangle faces. The other three measurements (forehead, cheekbones, and chin) are all similar lengths. This means that the face can have a long, lean appearance, especially if the angles of your jaw are square.

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Both men and women with a square face shape tend to suit curved, oval or round glasses. The soft edged design of frames in these categories will help to soften square features and give the illusion of length to a square shaped face. Round glasses are a great place to start! Browse our range of round glasses for square face shapes.
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