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Facial hair guidelines for n 95 respirator fit testing and use.

Facial hair respirator fit testing. The federal occupational safety and health administration also called osha and state osha agencies require employers to fit test workers who must wear these respirators. Short mustaches sideburns and small goatees that are neatly trimmed so that no hair compromises the seal of the respirator usually do not present a hazard and therefore do not violate. Can i have facial hair and still be fit tested to wear a tight fitting respirator. Workplace solutions respiratory protection respirator fit tests and facial hair if i can get a worker with facial hair to pass a quantitative fit test using a portacount can i then allow that worker to wear the full facepiece without him needing to shave. Pictures of men with mustaches.

Facial hair respirator fit testing policy background the purpose of this technical data bulletin is to reiterate 3ms position on workers with facial hair and respirator fit testing based on the occupational safety and health administration osha respiratory protection standard 29 cfr 1910134g1i. As you might expect we are very busy working in the field providing n95 fit testing services to our amazing healthcare. For the respirator to provide the assigned protection factor the respirator must form a tight seal to the users face. Facial hair between the skin and face seal of the respirator will interfere with the seal of the respirator.

Facial hair that lies along the seal. We do not fit test persons with facial hair that compromises the seal of the respirator. Facial hair is allowed as long as it does not protrude under the respirator seal or extend far enough to interfere with the devices valve function. Stubb e long stub e.

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All fit test subjects must be clean shaven where the respirator meets the skin. I nte nded for wo rke rs who wear ug ht tt. What you need to do. For more detailed information on fit testing rpe read our publication guidance on respiratory protective equipment rpe fit testing indg479.

Facial hairstyles and filtering facepiece respirators. Individuals with mustaches and short goatees that do. Duckiail veridi gariba di bandholz. You should ensure that the make model type.

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This video is about the respirator fit testing requirements for any worker who is required to use a tight fitting respirator. This standard addresses the use of. Osha does not permit the use of respirators with tight fitting facepieces to be worn by individuals with facial hair. The best time to do fit testing is at the initial selection stage when individual users can be given a choice of adequate models of rpe.

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