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Bella Hadid gave herself bangs while social distancing. New mustache.

Celebrities are giving themselves drastic haircuts while staying home and social distancing.

Bella Hadid and Rosalía, for example, both gave themselves bangs.

Ruby Rose, David Beckham, and Joe Jonas, on the other hand, shaved their heads to create sleek buzz cuts.

Without the help of stylists and glam squads, celebrities are discovering their own beauty skills while social distancing.

One of the major ways they’re doing so is by trimming their own hair. In recent weeks, stars including Bella Hadid, David Beckham, and Miley Cyrus have all given themselves quarantine haircuts. Others, like Hilary Duff and Ruby Rose, took things a step further by dyeing their hair in the process.

Here’s a look at some recent celebrity haircuts, ranked from worst to best.

9. Armie Hammer shocked fans by revealing a new mohawk and mustache on Instagram.

Armie Hammer typically sports a full head of hair and light beard.

The actor debuted his new look while wearing a ripped crop top and patterned shorts. It’s likely that Hammer only wore the mohawk and mustache briefly, but that didn’t stop fans from expressing their opinions about the styles.

Different shapes of mustaches

“I’m highkey terrified,” wrote one Instagram user. Others wrote messages like “you did NOT” and “this is NOT OKAY.”

8. Blake Shelton’s mullet, on the other hand, was questionable.

Blake Shelton’s new mullet isn’t as flattering as his usual style.

Mullets are in right now thanks to Joe Exotic, the controversial star of Netflix’s “Tiger King” series. Unfortunately, Shelton’s take on the style missed the mark.

Rather than creating a classic mullet, the country musician had his girlfriend Gwen Stefani shave Jimmy Fallon’s initials on each side of his head during an interview with the TV host. What Shelton might not have realized at the time is that his hair will now likely grow unevenly.

7. There was also a slight problem with Miley Cyrus’ mullet.

Despite the bad timing of her haircut, Miley Cyrus still rocks a mullet.

The musician has been sporting a shag hairstyle since November 2019 – and she looks great. Unfortunately, she had bad timing when turning the hairstyle into a mullet at the beginning of April, when “Tiger King” became popular. As a result, people began comparing her look to that of the Netflix star.

“You know how your phone listens to you, and just starts posting things like right after you say it?” Cyrus said on Instagram at the time. “So the minute I gave myself this haircut, all of the sudden all my updates were were just like ‘Tiger King’ memes.”

6. Joe Jonas brought back a style that he last wore around 2013.

Joe Jonas frequently changes his hairstyle.

Moustache styles for round face

Jonas has worn a variety of hairstyles throughout his career, including shaggy curls, slick spikes, and even a buzz cut. The latter style was especially dividing among fans when he wore it in 2013, though Jonas seems to like it enough to wear it again.

5. David Beckham’s recent haircut was a refreshing change.

Though he changed his hairstyle, David Beckham kept his beard the same.

On April 3, Beckham shared a selfie on Instagram to reveal that he’d shaved his head. In the photo’s caption, he wrote: “Just had to be done ✂️#stayhome #staysafe #staystrong GOODNIGHT????.”

Because he typically wears his hair in a tall, spiky style, this new look creates a more sleek and mature look.

4. Bella Hadid made at-home haircuts seem easy after posting photos of her DIY bangs.

Bella Hadid is no stranger to wearing daring hairstyles.

The model showed off her new hairstyle at the end of April, posting numerous photos of her look on Instagram. She also shared a video of herself cutting her friend’s hair, proving that she has some serious cosmetic skills.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Hadid has rocked bangs – she frequently wears them on the runway – but it’s unlikely that she’s always cut them herself. However, she might want to consider doing so from now on since this style turned out so well.

3. Ruby Rose, on the other hand, shared some hair-dye inspiration on the platform.

Ruby Rose dyed one half of her hair pink, and the other half blue.

How to draw a moustache on your face

In an Instagram post on Friday, the actress wrote: “What can I say!? Sometimes you just need to feel blue and other times you need pink to lighten your day.”

However, it wasn’t just the color of her hair that she’d changed; Rose had also shaved her short bob into a buzz cut. Both hair changes look great together, and can now serve as inspiration for those wanting to take a bold leap during their next at-home hairstyling session.

2. Rosalía is another celebrity who took part in the at-home haircut trend.

Rosalía looks stunning with and without bangs.

Though the style is a big departure from her usual middle part, it clearly suits her. She’s posted multiple photos of herself rocking the new bangs, and fans have commented that they love the change.

1. Hilary Duff undoubtedly had the biggest celebrity hair change in recent weeks.
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