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Beard styles are something that has a huge variety among men. As the trend of having a beard is increasing quickly, we have brought to you another post regarding different beard style. There are so many ways to keep a beard. You can have beard without a mustache or a goatee beard. You can also have short beard without mustache or a chin strap beard styles. Moustache styles 2016. Beard style of 2016. Mustache styles for round face.

So we are starting with the goatee styles. As you already know, it is the easiest and quick men beard style to adapt. It does not require too much of maintenance. If you are new for this style, you must be having a question in your mind that how do I grow a goatee. Well, the answer is that you need to grow to facial hair below your lip. Once a certain amount of hair is grown, you have to choose one of the perfect shaving styles for facial hair for you. There are so many styles of goatees. First one is the small goatee with little beard. This is a very suitable kind of look. It is apt for office as well as parties. This is also quick to do but you have keep maintained that beard. The next one among goatee styles is the goatee with thick beard. This is quite opposite to the one mentioned above. This is also suitable for most of the occasions. In this, you need to grow your facial hair a bit longer. It is suitable for all face shapes. Another goatee beard style is the opposite triangular one. This came into trend when Hollywood celebs adapted it. It is one of the highly classy and stylish goatees. It is totally up to you that you want to keep a beard with it or not. But if you completely want to follow celebs look, then you should keep fine facial hairs.

Suitable face shapes for goatee styles

Almost every face shaped, whether it is long, round, v-shaped or square, it is suitable for all. The reason is that it does not cover a large area of your face. In this style, you don’t need long or thick facial hair. A little facial hair will be sufficient for such beard styles.

Maintenance of goatee beard

For goatees, you don’t need more facial hair and that’s why more maintenance is not needed. If you a beginner, then also you can try this style on your own. It is not compulsory that for the first time you need to visit a salon. Such beard styles can easily be maintained without any professional assistance.

Mustache styles

Sometimes a beard looks incomplete without mustache. To complete your manly look, there are so many options among mustache styles which you can choose. We are starting with the basic one. The basic one is that you just grow your facial hair and let it grow. After that, you have to decide whether you want a thick or thin facial hair styles. It is understood that for the thick one, you have to wait longer. The mustache can be full length, in the mid of upper lip, it can be straight or it can be curly from the edges. The choice depends on you. It also depends on the fact that what kind of mustache styles actually suits you. For beginners it is better that they start with the basic style. Because going from no-mustache to a full-mustache might be difficult for you.

Maintenance of mustache styles

Yes, it requires maintenance. But the main fact is that you need to be very careful during trimming. Carelessness can lead to injuries. Mostly the upper lip has to face minor cuts due to mishaps in trimming in such men beard style. If you are beginner, you can go to a salon.

Facial hair styles

It refers to what kind of beard you are willing to carry. You can have naturally thick or thin facial hair. For the bushy look, you need thick facial hair. And for the cleanly trimmed look, thin facial hair is needed. As you go further, there are so many options for different beard style. One of the most stylish look in beard is the beard connected to upper jaw. This look is suitable for informal occasions, and sometimes for formal also, but not always. Another style is the finely trimmed full beard. In this, facial hairs are covering half of your cheek and mustache area. In such facial hair styles, maintenance is more. It is a rough look but manly yet.


For thick men beard style, initial maintenance is less. Because in the beginning stage you just need to let your hair grow. After that you need to keep maintenance other the look can appear as untidy and unhygienic. The fact is that maintenance changes according to different beard style. For thin facial hair look, maintenance starts at an earlier stage because here you need to manage your facial hair from the very beginning.

So this was all about the goatees, mustache and facial hair styles. And as we always say, choose the one that compliments you.

Thin mustache and beard

All kinds of beards

70s mustache styles

1.Christian Bale Thin chin facial hair with goatee styles

2.Dwayne Johnson Full chin with fine mustache beard styles

3.George Clooney Jaw facial hair styles with mustache for men

jaw line trimmed beard with mustache styles

mustache with thick different Goatee style

Jackman Jaw and under jaw beard styles with joint mustache

8.Leonardo DiCaprio Small goatees with very less facial hair beard look

9.Pierce Brosnan Bushy beard and full mustache facial hair styles

South indian mustache styles

10.Robert Downey Opposite triangle goatee beard with fine facial hair

11.Robert Downey Jaw line beard with fine mustache styles

12.Robert Pattinson Only chin facial hair as different Goatee beard style

Pitt Small goatees with thin facial hair style for men

Pitt Thick and long beard with goatee styles

Jackman Full bushy beard and mustache beard styles

Jackman Thick goatees for thicker facial hair with mustache

17.jason statham Cleanly trimmed half cheek facial hair styles

Make mustache look thicker

18.johnny depp Unique goatee styles with tied beard in two sections

19.Bushy beard styles for thick and more facial hair

walker Messy goatees with trimmed facial hair all over


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