Mustache grooming tips. 5 Fashions Fads From The 1970s That Are Totally Dated (& 5 That Made A Comeback)

The '70s were one of the most emblematic decades of the last century when it comes to fashion. It was a moment when the industry broke invisible rules when it comes to style, and the result was an explosion of different types of clothes, hairstyles, and shoes. Hairstyle with mustache.

It was a time when people started to be more open to trying new things and taking risks. As a result, some things are still inspiring people now and other eccentric trends have faded away. Keep scrolling and see some of them.

10 Came Back: Cut Out Swimming Suit

Society was changing during the ‘70s, and people were pushing boundaries in every way, even in fashion. That is when people started to see cut out swimming suits that look amazing on pictures but leaves awkward tan marks.

The cut-out swimming suits have made a comeback in the last few years, and they are not limited to the beach and swimming pool. some of them can be adapted and used as a body suit.

9 Dated: Authentic Fur

People now are aware that wearing authentic fur is not cool, and many materials can replace them in fashion. However, back in the ‘70s having a fur coat was synonymous with luxury and elegance. Even though fur clothing was popular then, people wore such clothing way before the ‘70s.

Although some people are still wearing it today, there are plenty of options for people who want to wear a faux fur coat. Real fur is the type of trend that we expect will never come back.

8 Came Back: Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits were something limited to the military and the working class until it starting appearing on catwalks during the ‘70s, and it is impossible not to associate it with those years. The elegant one-piece outfit survived during the decades, and people still see it in different versions, fabrics, and patterns.

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The best thing about a jumpsuit is that anyone can use it on a day when they are not inspired to dress up, and they will still look elegant.

7 Dated: Super High Heels

High heels are a must-have item in most women’s closets, or for anyone who prefers a more feminine appearance. They are elegant and give a great touch to the outfit. However, during the ‘70s, high heels were taken to another level, and some people would wear eight-inch heels! It might look good in pictures, but any person who has worn heels knows how painful it is to use something like that.

Super high heels were so prominent during that decade that they are known as ‘70s-style heels.

6 Came Back: Oversized And Aviator Sunglasses

Sunglasses received a different status during the ‘70s, and it became a must-have accessory. Aviator glasses became a classic look for men during that decade, especially if matched with the mustache. It is one of the most classic sunglasses styles ever. Another version of it, the see-through aviator, also made a comeback.

For women, the oversized glasses became a synonym of elegance, and it is no surprise that it came back decades later.

5 Dated: Futuristic Looks

During the ‘70s, fashion explored a lot of what they called "futuristic looks." For some reason, that often meant vinyl clothes that were impossible to look at and feel sweaty. Those outfits are also not comfortable to wear. The disco pants, with metallic fabric, were also a thing back then.

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This is something that we hope that is never seen back on the catwalk, and that they remain to be part of costumes exclusive for Halloween, parties, and cosplay.

4 Came Back: Different Styles Of Dresses

Dresses also have an essential role during the history of fashion in the ‘70s, and it is impossible to name just one style that we have seen make a comeback later on. Dresses inspired by different cultures, embroideries, fringe, flower patterns, and silk material are just some examples of them.

This is a clear example of how this decade was diverse when it comes to fashion.

3 Dated: Mustache

It is not that having a mustache is something bad, but they had a specific style during the ‘70s. Celebrities such as Burt Reynolds and David Crosby are some other celebrities who embraced the mustache trend back then.

Although Tom Selleck carried his mustache through the coming decades, not every man looks good as he does wearing it. Perhaps that is the reason it never made a strong comeback.

2 Came Back: Hairstyle

Each decade has a hairstyle that becomes a trademark from those years. When we talk about the ‘70s, that means several of them. It makes sense when we think that more women were becoming independent, and they were looking for their individuality. It is easy to understand that by looking at Diana Ross’s and Farrah Fawcett's hairstyles or even just natural looks.

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People have been inspired by the hairstyles of the ‘70s through the years, and we can still see people reproducing them today.

1 Dated: Open Shirt

The most stylish men during the ‘70s had something in common: they all loved to leave the buttons of their shirt open, especially if they had chest hair. The most audacious of them used to leave the shirt almost entirely open, and they tied the look together with big necklaces.

It was trendy but thankfully faded away, and even during the extravagant ‘80s, people were hardly using it. And no one is missing it.

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