Mustache line up styles. 22 Mentastic Mustache Styles for Men to grow in 2018

Thinking of keeping a mustache and confused about how you should style it? If you are opting for facial hair, you need to have it styled and maintained properly, so that you don’t end up looking untidy and scruffy. If you are bored with the clean-shaven, go for a mustache look to shake things up a little bit! Do not hesitate to experiment few. In fact, keep changing your looks – go the bold way sometimes, and choose to be subtle at other times. Whatever you do, choose the best Mustache Styles for Men to be all set to have all eyes on you. Good grooming is an essential factor in those who want to keep facial hair. Mens mustache styles.

Roaming stylishly around the busy buzzing streets of New York, maybe, is one thing while the another one is called “taking care”. You can’t seemingly wander looking all tip-top without having to care for whatever your style obessesion is.

How to Trim Mustache Correctly?

Make it Ready – Grow it! Growing is the first step and yes, it asks for patience so you can have any shape or style you desire to give your mustache. Wet the same and pat it dry using a towel. Moistening a comb under the faucet and combing it through will damp your mustache making it easier to give a desired shape. Comb it in a downward direction so it is ready to trim.

Trim – Start by trimming the lower portion of your mustache by running the pair of scissors parallel to the lips’ boundaries and cut the larger facial hair. You need to remember one fact that the mustache is damp right now and it will shrink as soon as it dries, hence, appearing shorter.

For those who have long and straight facial hair, you can grow a thick mustache covering part of your upper lip. Think of Tom Selleck and Daniel Craig with mustaches. That is the style you are aiming for. Quite a macho look!

As the name suggests, this mustache is a thin line of facial hair, which you can trim, in different shapes – a straight line, an inverted V or an arch, according to your liking. This is one of the classic mustache styles for men. This was quite popular in the olden times, with Hollywood actors like Clark Gable sporting one of these. If you have a fetish for old-fashioned styles, this is the mustache style for you.

Mens hairstyles with mustache

This is a very thick and bushy mustache style, where the mustache covers the upper lip almost entirely. George Clooney sported this look at one time.

A bushy mustache with the ends pointed – is the classic handlebar mustache. You can keep it as long or as short as you prefer. Twirling the ends of this mustache can become your signature act. You will find this look in a lot of movies.

This is a mustache that needs to grow for a few months, before it takes the hyperbolic shape. You will need to have the patience to let your facial hair, till you get this style of mustache on your face. This is one of the mustache styles for men that might not suit every face; so go for it, only if it does.

The cowboy mustache is a variation of the chevron mustache. The bushy hair grows over the upper lip and it is a full-bodied mustache. If you want a mustache that almost covers the lower half of your face, try this style of mustache and look like a cowboy from the Western movies of old.

Named after the artist, Salvador Dali, this is a thin and narrow mustache the pointed ends bended upwards instead of down. Not quite so popular in today’s time, try this if you want to stand out in a crowd and draw people’s attention to your mustache.

Is mustache attractive

The Fu Manchu mustache is very similar to the horseshoe mustache. However, the ends of the mustache extend beyond the jawline. The sides are clean-shaven, only the mustache grows beyond the jaw. The name is derived from a fictional character created by the author, Sax Rohmer. The character Fu Manchu sports this mustache in movie adaptations of Sax Rohmer’s stories.

If you want a rather rugged look, and not a neat mustache, try the scruffy mustache. You will have to grow facial hair above your lip, have a little tuft just below your lower lip in the middle, and have some more facial hair along your jawline. Think Johnny Depp – this one definitely will draw the ladies to you.

The English mustache is a straitlaced one, where the mustache tapers to either end in a straight pointing line. This style of mustache needs to be well groomed in order to look neat and good on your face.

Think of a thick mustache that covers your lips almost fully, with the ends twirling upwards. That is the imperial Mustache Styles for Men.

The lampshade mustache is a short and thick mustache, without any frills or fripperies. It needs to be well trimmed so that the mustache looks neat on your face.

Mustache long hair

As the name suggests, think of a brush like mustache over your upper lip, extending a little beyond the lips on either side. A straight and thick style, this is one of the Mustache Styles for Men, which is quite popular.

Shaped like a pyramid, this mustache style tapers towards the nose in sharp lines on either side. It is a short and trim looking mustache, if you prefer that style.

You can experiment with these different Mustache Styles for Men, until you find the look that suits your face. A mustache can make you look mature and older than you are, and can look very good on certain types of faces. Let it Grow!
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