Best mustache for my face. Mustache doesn t connect to your beard Try these insider tricks

During your beard growing journey you will be faced with issues and challenges to overcome. These challenges are different for each and every person growing a beard. It may be that your beard is patchy. It may be that your beard is dry and frizzy and, if you have found your way here, perhaps you have a gap and your mustache doesn’t connect to your beard! Here we are going to go over the options so you can proud of your mustache and beard connections! How to grow a long mustache.

There’s a multitude of reasons that your beard is not connecting to your mustache. It could be due to genetics, maybe you haven’t waited long enough, or perhaps you are not taking care of your body well enough to make sure that you are growing a healthy mustache. There are long mustache styles that can connect your beard and there are also ways to improve your beard connection. Before you jump to any conclusion, however, read this post!

There seem to be two different sides of the beard-growing spectrum. One person who will struggle their whole life to grow a beard – while there are others who seem to sneeze and more hair pop out!

Why your mustache may not be growing to your beard

There are a number of reasons why your mustache is not connecting to your beard. It is one of the most frustrating problems that a person can face. Maybe you have great coverage everywhere else but maybe you just can’t connect that last little bridging point between your beard and your mustache.

Before looking for complicated, expensive or even dangerous solutions to your problem, let take a look at some reasons why you may be experiencing issues with your connection.


I had a friend in high school (year 7 in the UK) he seemed to have the thickest coverage of facial hair while I still looked like a child! So, there seems to be some truth to the fact that “you are born with it”.

There’s no doubt that my beard growing potential has peaked – although that didn’t happen until I was in my thirties! Some of my friends have said that it wasn’t until their forties that they noticed a huge increase in their beard growing potential!

Despite what certain blogs or beard experts might tell you the biggest factor in determining your beard growing potential is your genetic makeup. This genetic information has determined your height, your eye color, your hair type – so it makes sense that it is also determining your beard, right?

Take a look at your father and the male relatives on your mother’s side of the family. Do they have beards?

If the answer is no, perhaps you are destined to have the same luck. However, if you do have some cracking beards in your family. Perhaps you just need to be a little more patient!

Best way to trim mustache

Furthermore, your nationality will also contribute to whether you will be able to easily grow facial hair or not. People from Mediterranean countries such as Italy and Greece are more likely to have thick facial hair. While, on the other end of the scale, Asians, Latin Americans, and Native Americans are less likely to have dense facial hair coverage.


Ah, the one thing that we all seem to struggle with! My mum used to say I was the most impatient person on the planet. I wanted results NOW! Beard growing is much like growing a business – it takes time and patience!

If you only started growing a beard last week and you are getting frustrated then maybe this isn’t for you.

A full beard can take anywhere from three months to eight months to look good. Personally, after about six weeks I was starting to rock a beard where I felt its potential. Now, after about eight months I am pleased with the beard I have and the mustache that comes with it!

It just all takes time – you can’t rush this stuff!

Healthy body to support beard and mustache growing

Maybe your body just isn’t performing at it’s best. You are what you eat and if you are eating shit then your beard will end up being a little shit too!

Taking care of your body and health is probably one of the best ways to look after your beard and grow your beard growing potential! Here are the best things you can do to make sure you are healthy and operating at your best!

Lose weight

Yes, we are all guilty of overindulging. But when it becomes a regular activity for you and you start down the slippery slope of obesity – your beard growing may be impacted!

There are several ways that being overweight can lower testosterone. Firstly, testosterone is converted to the female hormone estrogen in fat tissue. This means that when there is a load of fat in the body there is a high rate of testosterone conversion to estrogen.

Are mustaches out of style


There’s a whole field of research that shows that exercise is a natural way to get your beard growing powers up – through increased testosterone. Not all exercise is created equally, however. Make sure your exercise contains these activities for maximum effects:

Sprinting – Studies showed that testosterone levels increased significantly for people who performed a series of short and intense 6-second sprints. The testosterone levels remained high for a long time after the exercise had finished.

Lift Heavy Stuff – Studies have shown that you should lift heavy weights to boost testosterone levels. Focus on full-body exercises like squats, deadlifts, benchpresses and free weights at 85 – 95 % of your one-rep max. Make sure you have a spotter for these types of exercises!

Long Rest Periods – Longer rests of more than 120 seconds between reps are better than shorter rest periods. So don’t feel bad when taking a break. You can always work out your upper body and lower body alternatively to maximize your effectiveness in the gym!

Remember to use your legs – Nothing feels better than doing upper body exercises, like bicep curls or bench press, but studies have shown that there are significant increases in testosterone when leg and lower body exercises are included in the routine.

Eliminate alcohol

Everyone now knows that smoking and alcohol are bad for your health. But did you know that they can significantly impact your testosterone levels which also means your beard growing capacity.

In general, excessive alcohol consumption decreases testosterone. Excessive alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse are associated with decreased testosterone levels. Some specific ways that alcohol affects testosterone levels include:

Alcohol damages the cells in the testicles which produce testosterone.

Drinking alcohol results in the release of certain pleasure chemicals. While these feel awesome and can produce pleasant and relaxing feelings, they can also interfere with testosterone synthesis.

Skinny moustache

Alcohol can increase a stress hormone, called cortisol, which is known to decrease testosterone synthesis.

Alcohol may increase the conversion of testosterone to estrogen in the body.

Taking good care of yourself is a very important part of beard growing!

Three different styles of long mustaches that may help

If you are looking after yourself but still your growth is not what you want, check out these mustache styles!

1. Handlebar Moustache

A handlebar mustache is a fantastic option if you don’t have the bit that connects your mustache to your beard/chin. A handlebar mustache actually looks better when it doesn’t connect to your beard properly.

The downside is that it takes a while to grow this magnificent beast. You also need to make sure that you style it every day. If you don’t it will flop into your mouth and be disgusting!

2. Cowboy Mustache

A cowboy mustache is a long mustache that will cover andy gaps in your beard! It is a bit shorter in the middle and longer
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