Modern goatee styles. How To Trim Mustache To Keep It Looking Amazing And Groomed

If you want to keep your mustache under control and look clean, you just need a few essential grooming products and learn how to trim mustache to look neat and groomed. How would i look with a mustache.

A well-kept mustache makes you look well-groomed. To groom your mustache, keep it trimmed.

Some people find it bushy, while others like it are tight. Whether it’s a walrus mustache that appeals to your style or a pencil mustache that defines your personality, all mustache styles need proper care to make them look attractive.

You need a few tools to get the job done:

Finally, if possible, you will need a small vanity mirror that can give you an extreme close-up of your face.

Here are some handy, easy tips that will save you from all the disastrous trimming that can lead to shaving your mustache:

How To Trim Mustache Step By Step The Right Way

There’s no question that mustaches exude masculinity, but there’s also a thin line between looking like a champion and looking like a dork – and it all starts with knowing how to properly trim your furry upper lip to get the look that you want.

Depending on how your mustache grows, you may need to get the look you want, trimming very precisely because it’s incredibly easy to mess it up and shave off the whole thing.

1-Let It Grows!

OK, as obvious as it may seem, you need to grow a mustache before you can cut it. That’s hardly a news flash. However, you need to grow it until it is full and thick or well on your way to get there.

And that leads to an obvious question: How long does it take to get thick enough? The general answer is for two to four weeks. Still, again, not all men because the speed at which growing men’s facial hair varies from person to person The man who lives next door or works in the next cell may already be wearing a Tom Selleck-like mustache after a few weeks of growth, while yours may look like you’ve forgotten it Wipe the area above your upper lip.

While your genetics play an essential role in determining the speed at which your facial hair grows, other things may also play a part in it. Many studies show that lifestyle choices, such as diet, exercise, rest, and smoking, affect hair growth.

Your diet should be rich in essential vitamins and nutrients, not least B complex vitamins. Biotin, or Vitamin B7, is one of the most crucial vitamins for growing facial hair, while Vitamins A, C, and E also help create the right conditions for successful hair growth.

2-Soften Your Hair and Dry It Out

Since the hair that grows on your upper lip is usually thick and coarse, you should soften it first so that your blade and clipper can easily slide over it without extra effort. Wash or shampoo your facial hair for this. Don’t forget to condition your hair and wash it thoroughly with water. This will make your mustache smooth and shiny.

How to make a good mustache

Dripping wet hair tends to cut less neatly. Therefore, after washing, take a towel, and pat your face to dry out your mustache. Never cut the grass when it is still wet!

3-Using a comb to trim your mustache

Using a comb to trim your mustache is mandatory. If you don’t groom your male stache to control those long wild hairs, you’re in for a big surprise.

Not all combs are created equal, but cheap combs are made with plastic and presses, which is a big deal for your beard.

Cheap combs have sharp and jagged edges as a result of the manufacturing process, meaning they pull, cut, and tear your mustache faster while grooming.

Depending on your hair density, you should match your mustache with the correct tooth comb. If you have a thick and sturdy board, the use of a full tooth comb is recommended. If you have a thinner and finer mustache, you can choose to control your wild hair if you opt for a small tooth comb.

Comb size is another factor in grooming and choosing a comb large enough to cover half of the lip for each stroke.

This technique is useful for reducing blows, protecting your breakage and damage to your Mo

With some downstrokes to align your mustache, you get a clear idea of where your lip line falls and where to start trimming.

4-Choose a Mustache Style

Growing your mustache can be fun, exciting, and unruly. That’s part of being a man. Deciding how to display your mustache is another topic, however.

The three most popular mustache styles today are:

Which one you choose depends mainly on your personality. The handlebar is undoubtedly for the more outgoing, the horseshoe suits the free spirits, and the chevron is for the man who is very comfortable with his masculinity.

Finding your shape is like deciding on your hairstyle, it’s part of you. Your mustache style helps define your personality, shape your face, and drive the women crazy if you’re lucky.

Cowboy mustache

5-Trimming the Corners

Start trimming the corners of your inventory. Trimming diagonally gives your mustache a neat appearance. Follow the line of your lip and cut small pieces of hair over your lip that cross the lip line. You can also use small scissors to cut these overgrown strands. However, if you are comfortable with an electric trimmer, we recommend that you use it.

The idea is to get your mustache so that it doesn’t fall over your lips but stays nice above it. It is best to start trimming from an angle of your mustache and working towards the center. Then go from the other side to the center of your mustache. Working that way gives you a much more symmetrical look.

6-Trim at the Top

Use your trimming scissors or a precision razor to cut unruly hair. When using a razor, use short strokes that pull up and away from the rest of your mustache.

You can trim the top of your mustache so that it goes to your lips at a 45-degree angle or so late, so it looks fuller. The shape of the top of your mustache all depends on your personal preference.

Trim the area where your mustache meets your nose, so it doesn’t look like long nose hair.

7-Reduce Volume of mustache

Now that you’re done shaping your mustache, turn your trimmer back on, and you’re tasked with reducing thickness. You must get a short-cut mustache. Start by combing your hair and cutting the excess strands with a clipper. Doing this will cut off most of your mustache loosely.

Then use the electric razor and gently cut the hair that protrudes from the teeth of your comb. Usually, groomers have a replaceable comb that you can fit on it. Use this guide comb for this.

If you are a beginner, start with the guide comb designed for longer hair and gradually transition to shorter hair.

It gives you more confidence when you start with a more comfortable setting and reduces the chance of accidentally taking off your whole mustache.

8-Finish Off

Now that your mustache is clean, clipped, and healthy, it is always a good idea to give it a second look. Use your comb and give long single strokes from the top of your mustache to your upper lip.

Check for remaining hair, test the evenness of your trim, and take a selfie. Yes, that’s just the last stage to check your appearance, take a photo, and see how you look at the outside world.

Taking a photo will give you an idea if your mustache is symmetrical and ready to be revealed to the world.

Cowboy handlebar mustache

FAQ About Trim Mustache

How Often Should You Trim a Mustache?

Keep in mind that once you’re done grooming your mustache, it doesn’t mean you never have to do it again. You will have to do it again to maintain the desired look.

The exact frequency varies from person to person. You should cut your hair based on how fast it grows back to the length you cut. Usually, you have to shave your mustache twice a week. If you need more time to regrow, consider grooming once a week.


Whether you are growing for the first time or sporting the traditional winter masculine look, following these basic guidelines will always make you look good.

Growing a male mustache can be rewarding and fun.

Following some basic trimming guidelines will not only help you on the go but will also keep your mustache looking good at all times.

And you? What mustache cropping routine do you follow or recommend? Which trimming tools are essential to your routine? As always, we would love to hear from you and welcome your comments and suggestions.

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