Moustache and beard styles photos. To shave or not to shave: does the beard the risk of Contracting coronavirus, The Koz Post

Understand what is the connection between facial hair and health. Different types of mustaches and beards.

In the mode of isolation, many men began to pay shaving less attention. Twitter even appeared a kind of challenge, marked with the tags #coronabeard and #letsgrowtogether: participants grow beards, while sitting in quarantine. Jim Carrey, for example, has promised not to shave until able to return to filming.

But in February, the news has spread infographic created by the Center for control and prevention of diseases of the United States. Her organization encourages men to shave off beards and mustaches, or else they will not be able to properly wear a protective mask.

Illustration: the CDC (Center for control and prevention of diseases)

But do not rush to grab a razor and get rid of its beauty. Media, as always, a little exaggerated. This infographic appeared in 2017, when the coronavirus was unaware.

In the original article, the CDC advises to shave off his facial hair only to medical workers who wear respiratory masks of N95 type. The CDC recommends that they wear on the street. Those who are not working in a medical facility, and will fit a regular sheet mask. And she may go with a beard.

Thin mustache and beard

Carrie L. Kovarik, a dermatologist at the University of Pennsylvania, said that men with beards can relieved exhale.

At the moment there is no evidence that you need to shave. If someone sneezes in your face, you’ll get it regardless of the beard. The problem is not the beard, and in close contact with other people who are sneezing and coughing. It is not necessary to shave off his beard to wear a surgical mask.

Carrie L. Kovarik a dermatologist.

However, John the hidden, distinguished Professor of medicine in the School of public health, University of California at Berkeley, urges people with long hair or beards is still not relax.

If someone coughed on your hair, the particles of the virus can get on them. Touching on the habit of the hair, and putting a hand to your mouth, nose or eyes can become infected. I guess with a beard also — someone sneezed at it, you rubbed his beard touched on the mouth or eyes caught it. However, I do not know of any studies proving this possibility.

Black mustache styles

John Schwarzberg, Professor of medicine.

The habit of stroking the mustache or beard Schwarzberg called “very bad”. So if you feel that a beard makes you constantly touch your face — shave it away from sin.

If you want to keep facial hair, keep in mind that touch, not having washed before the hands, should not be. Carrie Kovarik says that the best way to save your beard — hygiene. Simply wash it every day with soap or shampoo.

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