Huge mustache. Bald With A Great Beard? 10 Styles To Rock With Shaved Head

How To Rock A Bald Head With A Beard

If you are looking to grow an awesome beard to compliment your look, you’re in luck! Beards are back in a big way. Now more than ever, rockstars and even celebrities are growing badass beards to compliment their shaved head. Your mustache.

In doing so, you will balance out your face and draw any unwanted attention you may think you receive away from your dome!

If you’re unsure how to wear a beard with a shaved head, this post will help guide you to find a style that will suit your style! If you’re looking to grow a beard, but unsure what beard style will look good with a bald head, don’t worry, the options are plentiful! When looking at options for length, style, and thickness, the sky is the limit. You are sure to find a look that embodies you and your personality.

Would you rather be the guy on the left or right? The overwhelming majority have picked the right and for good reason. It’s clear the shaven face pales in comparison to a bit of scruff or even a full-on mountain man beard.

Top 10 Styles To Match A Bald Head With A Beard.

Now to prove how you too can look good bald with a beard. There are literally hundreds of possibilities. If you’re unsure if you can trim your face accordingly, find a good barbershop that offers beard trims and styling.

Bruce Willis Stubble:

Who better to look up to than Bruce Willis! He has proven this Hollywood look for years! To pull off this look all you have to do is let your beard grow for a few days and keep your neck tidy. I can’t promise you you’ll look as good as the Die Hard star himself.. but maybe you can come close!

Beard Stubble:

Probably the easiest and most convenient way to grow facial hair is to start with stubble. Put down the razor for a week or two depending on how fast you grow facial hair this can vary. Once you find the length you like, feel free to invest in a beard trimmer and keep it cleaned up and trimmed.

Disconnected Beard:

This style can require decent upkeep, but can be a great option for a unique look! Typically you will keep a mustache and beard and keep the sides trimmed. This is a neat and tidy look and can have some variation with the thickness of the beard and mustache being different to make one stand out more than the other.

Best movember mustaches

Mutton Chops

This was once an old fashion beard style but it’s seeing a resurgence in popularity. This style is a bit different in that you grow in full sideburns that extend down the sides of the cheeks and corner of the face without connecting to your mustache or chin hair. If wolverine can pull it off. maybe you can too!


The Goatee has several variations, so we will only be covering the classic full goatee that’s connected with a mustache. You can’t really go wrong with this look; from businessmen to super hero’s themselves such as Doctor Strange, to Iron man! We even have Walter White pulling off this great look!

Full Beard:

Next, we have a full beard! Depending on how fast you grow facial hair will dictate how fast you can grow a full beard. Put down the razor for a month or two and just let it grow! This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep things trimmed!

Make sure you check and trim your neckline. This is very important and separates the well-groomed beards from the hobo beards.

This style isn’t something one can choose. If your beard is naturally wavy or has curls this will be more your style. Don’t waste your time trying to straighten it or using a product that can damage and even make your hair brittle. Embrace the wave!

Long & Full

Now you have to be dedicated for a full and long beard. It’s not hard.. but it will take time! Be prepared to set down the razor for months and months. Expect at best to grow on average ½ inch per month. Make sure you’re still keeping things tidy, otherwise, you could be mistaken as a homeless man. I would highly suggest picking up a nice beard comb/brush and beard oil / beard balm to keep your face and beard hair healthy! Even trimming a bit off the ends can combat split ends that tend to get brittle and dry.

The Yeard

You want to grow a yeard you say? Be prepared for a lot of dedication and patience. The “yeard” or the one year beard, is exactly what it sounds like. Let that thing grow! You will want to invest in a nice beard comb/brush and beard oil / beard balm to start your journey. The speed your beard grows will vary from person to person. Just because you see someone else growing a beard does not mean it’s a race! You must have patience and perseverance.

The chevron moustache


Unsure what you want to grow, but you know you want something on your face? Just let it grow man! Take the first step and start letting it grow in. Once you get some length you can always trim and shape it however you’d like! Make sure to keep things tidy and an occasional trim and you’re good to go!


Don’t let anyone tell you how you should look. If you want to just let your beard grow then do it! If your beard is patchy, rock it! Don’t let anyone tell you to just shave it. If it makes you happy, then that’s all that matters! I hope you found a style that matches your bald head with a beard!

Maintaining A Bald Head With Your New Badass Beard

Now that you’re on your way to growing an awesome beard there are some routine maintenance habits you should pick up early on.

Trimming Your Beard

You need to keep things trimmed! Just because you have a short beard is no excuse. If your beard and stubble remain untrimmed and lines aren’t clean and even it takes away from your magnificent beard. With a short beard, this becomes even more noticeable. Do yourself a favor and pick up some decent beard scissors or an electric trimmer.

Shaping and Maintaining:

Do yourself a favor and keep your neckline clean! Your beard should be about ¾ inch, or one finger’s width, above where your neck meets your chin or where the top of the adam’s apple is. If this isn’t your style you could argue two fingers width. Any more and you’re going to end up looking really goofy. Keep your lines clean and even. I can’t stress this enough. If this isn’t something you feel comfortable with, find a good barber that can do this for you. You could even enjoy a nice hot towel shave/trim!


During your beard growing endeavors, you will notice that unbearable, dreaded beard itch! A great way to combat this is a great beard oil / beard balm. This will keep your skin moisturized and fight the itch and combat beard flakes! Nobody wants a beard with split ends and brittle hairs.

Grooming Your Beard:

If you have stubble you can probably skip this step, However, if you are thinking or already have a full beard you will want to invest in a nice beard comb/brush to get rid of unnecessary tangles. Putting in beard oil after a shower and then combing it through will do your beard wonders!

Classic mustache

Diet & Supplements:

Just as important as a good beard routine, your diet is just as detrimental. Make sure you’re eating eggs, meat, fish, and nuts if possible. This will help stimulate your facial hair growth.

If you have trouble with your beard hair, biotin is a supplement that can help with that. Having a balanced diet and getting all your vitamins and minerals can help as well


Keeping yourself physically fit can have a huge impact on your facial hair gains just as well as your muscle gains! Testosterone is known to boost beard growth. Therefore, planning regular workout sessions during the week can send your testosterone levels skyrocketing and in turn your facial hair growth!
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