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There’s no better way for a guy to express his individuality than with facial hair. It’s important to find the right style for your face and just as imperative to keep it well groomed. Trim moustache with beard. Lampshade mustache.

Face it: Mustaches and Beards Define Your Look.

Are you looking for a new style of facial hair? You’ve come to the right place because we have instructions and videos explaining how to get the most popular mustache, beard, goatee and sideburns styles. These tips should be a foundation for how you prep, trim and manage your preferred look. Learn them, apply them and look your best, with help from our trimmers.

The easiest style to grow and maintain, the Full Beard is the most popular in many locales. All you need is patience, ample whiskers and a Sydney Salon Supplies trimmer to keep it neat. Let it grow. Let it go.

1. Stop shaving for three weeks to see if your beard has any patchy or sparse areas.

2. While continuing to grow your beard for several weeks, begin to add some desired shape and trim the edges along the neck and cheeks with your trimmer.

Simple mustache styles

Long thin mustache

3. Using your trimmer, trim away the extra-long whiskers to create a uniform length on your cheeks.

4. On the neck, use your trimmer to create a subtle border where your whiskers become visibly sparse. Leaving these strays behind will make you look unkempt.

Before trimming, comb your beard in the direction it grows so that all the hairs are at the maximum height and facing the same direction

Sydney Salon Supplies offer products that have been innovators in beard trimming technology and offers a vaiety of trimmers that will get the job done

Understand the length of beard you want and then use trimmer guide combs to achieve said length

Thin mustache

Longer beards require trimming in the direction of hair growth to avoid a patchy look

For shorter styles, you can trim in either direction depending on the look you want

To maintain an even beard with neck hair, try to keep hair length shorter than the hair growing on your chin and cheecks as neck hair tends to be thicker

Always clean up loose or long hair around the lips

Sydney Salon Supplies offers a wide variety of facial hair trimmers that will let you expertly trim and maintain your mustache, beard, goatee or sideburns. We also have tools to trim the more sensitive areas of the face, such as the ears, nose and brows. With Sydney Salon Supplies trimmers, it’s easy to maintain the look you want.

Moustache and soul patch


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