How to shape my mustache. Benefits of a Waxed Mustache

You know waxed mustaches tend to get a lot of hate sometimes, but gents waxed mustaches are genuinely cool to try out. Waxed moustache styles.

If you do it right its really nice subtle way to style your facial hair, that you can use to help create a whole new look for yourself.

The choice between being clean shaven and being hirsute isn’t so clean cut, there are so many different styles that you can do with your facial hair and waxing that mustache is one of them and well worth a try.

Even if you just do it in the shower to see how your mustache would suit you (don’t forget to do your shampoo mohawk).

Personally we think a waxed mustache looks fantastic when paired up with right style.

Pros and cons of having a waxed mustache

Waxing your mustache just instantly makes it look cool.

Gents if your going to go for the mustache at all you need to just wax it, otherwise you’ll end up looking like Tom Selleck, which that may be an appealing prospect to some, we promise you its just too safe to be cool these days.

Look fashion comes in cycles so right now, trying to look like your dad or Tom Selleck isn’t going to do you any favour’s, however trying to look like your grandfather, that’s where it’s at, that’s innovation and that’s cool and thats the waxed mustache.

Good beard ideas

The whole dandy-esque look that you get from having a properly waxed mustache is something that will truly set you apart.

Even if you happen among other waxed mustaches aficionados don’t worry! The sheer number of styles you can use for your waxed mustache is simply staggering, the simple handlebar mustache is not the only style in your repertoire.

When it comes to waxing your mustache the thing that you must keep in mind is that you must maintain proper maintenance of your upper lip.

A clean well shaped mustache is a sexy mustache.

Your biggest issue when it comes to waxing your mustache is know what wax to use will really help

Here are some mustache waxes that we recommend​

How easy is growing and waxing a mustache

If you do decide to enter into the world of mustaches and waxed mustaches, you may be wondering what the barrier to entry is.

It couldn’t be simpler, its very much applying a product to your hair, except you don’t have to reach as high or work as much.

New mustache and beard styles

Just get a small amount of the wax on your fingers and apply it to a clean mustache, making sure to rub the ends of your mustache between your fingers to achieve some really sharp points and if you’re going for the handlebar, curl the ends around your finger and hold for a bit to let the wax set.

Once done eureka! you’ve got a mustache that would be the envy of any 19th century saloon barkeeper you happen to come across.

Granted you need a time machine to cross that one off the bucket list, but its only a matter of time.

There are all manner of waxes and styles for you to choose from, so shop around and experiment until you find the right combination for you.

Some Final Thoughts on waxed mustaches

Getting your mustache waxed really is something stylish, yet simple and easy to do and it carries such a huge return on your investment in terms of looks.

It's a fantastic way to show off your facial hair without just letting hang around on your face.

A great waxed mustache can really turn some heads and will do, once your start waxing yours.

Mens mustache styles 2016

Oh and another major benefit to a waxed mustache, you get to keep food out of it. which to use is a major benefit.

We promise you won’t regret trying out this very fashionable facial style.

Here are some other guides on growing a mustache and having a waxed mustache:

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