Guys mustache. Perfect Ducktail Beard Neckline: How to Grow, Trim and Shape It?

Styling of facial hair constantly evolves over time and there are several styles that you can choose from. Ducktail beard is one of the recent styles that are significantly gaining popularity among different men. Ducktail beard resembles the shape of a ducktail and it fits guys with a full beard on the bottom part of the face. Mustache growing techniques.

The perfect ducktail beard neckline style looks sophisticated but the bottom line is that you can also wear it without issues. The most important thing is that you should know the basics of how to groom it. As such, this article gives you insight into the necessary steps that you can take to grow, trim, shape and style the ducktail beard.

Does Your Face Fit the Ducktail Beard Neckline?

Wondering if your face fits the ducktail beard style? In most cases, the perfect beard style is determined by the shape of your face. Whilst the style is not for every face, the good news is that it fits different types of faces so you cannot be the only odd one out.

Ideally, a ducktail beard neckline style fits people with an inverted triangle, rectangular, round, and even diamond faces. If you are convinced that this style is not your perfect fit, then you would rather try other styles. All the same, you can give it a try and see how it comes out.

How to Grow your Ducktail Beard?

The starting point for wearing a ducktail beard neckline is to grow a full beard. Essentially, the idea of the ducktail is to let the hair on your chin grow longer while at the same time trimming the side hairs. The rate of growth of beard is about half an inch each month and a good length for a ducktail should be between two and four inches.

This roughly translates to about four months to grow a full beard that you can shape into a ducktail. If you already have a full beard then that would be great. The mustache and side beards should always be shorter than the beard on the bottom part of your face.

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Whilst you do not need to grow a huge and bushy beard, a good amount of hair is required before you begin styling a ducktail. Many people shave the beard below the neckline while growing chin hair and mustache long. There are different methods that you can use to speed up the growth process of your beard.

For instance, you can apply hemp & jojoba beard oil on your beard to speed up its growing process. These products consist of nutrients that are required for promoting quick and full beard growth. Once you have managed to achieve a full beard, you can begin the stages of trimming and shaping it.

Trimming your Ducktail

There are different steps that you should take to trim your beard. You should always trim the beard on the upper part of your chin. You can do this from top to bottom and you should also taper each side toward the central point below your chin.

When you have determined the right size of the beard that you need, you can start trimming the ducktail shape on the lower parts of the cheeks. Carefully trim the sideburns and concentrate on creating a shape that looks like the tail of a duck on your chin.

How to Shape the Ducktail?

It is crucial to frequently comb your beard using a high-quality beard comb to keep your ducktail beard in good shape. Avoid using cheap beard combs since these may not meet the expected task of neatly shaping your beard. The aspect of proper maintenance of a beard is very important since it helps to keep your ducktail in good shape.

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The other thing is that you do not necessarily need to make the ducktail extremely pointy below your chin. Just make sure that the shape is similar to the tail of the duck. Even a round shape is pretty good and it can make you appear great.

The idea is to trim your beard carefully for symmetrical appearance while shaping the central point on your chin with some beard oil. You can also shape your beard using quality beard balm or alternatively you can use wax which can hold it stronger.

Other Ducktail Tips to Consider

There are also other things that you can consider if you want to achieve your goal of grooming a perfect ducktail neckline.

If your face is narrow and elongated, then the ducktail style might not be a perfect fit for you. Indeed, the style fits many faces but not every individual so you can try other beard styles available.

If you do not grow a beard on your cheeks then this can be a plus since you can grow a handsome ducktail. The style is also good if you do not grow a beard below the bottom part of your lip area.

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Just like grooming other beard styles, you must be patient when you grow the ducktail beard. Growing a full beard takes time and it can be frustrating so patience is vital since we grow facial at different rates. At the end of the day, you will realize that perseverance pays and you can achieve the perfect ducktail neckline.

The ducktail style is trendy and you can try it for good results. There are other celebrities who have worn this style and these include Pierce Brosnan, Mel Gibson, and Brad Pitt. If you just follow the necessary steps, you will realize that the style is easy to maintain though sophisticated.


As the name suggests, this beard looks like a ducktail and this beard style fits men with a full beard on the bottom part of their faces. Though sophisticated, the perfect ducktail beard neckline style is easy to maintain as long as you perform the required basics. You must grow a full beard first before you begin to style a ducktail and also make sure that your face is suitable for it.
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