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Growing a moustache is a grooming trend that started many decades ago. Over the years, it has turned out to be one of the exceptional ways to look pretty cool and attractive. To bring out their charming and manly side, many men have turned growing a moustache an impeccable grooming style. Chevron moustache.

Indeed, many have accentuated this style not only to look spruce, but also to attract women. For many men today, it's never easy to achieve a classic moustache style without using the best Wahl hero trimmer in the market. A moustache is a style of self-expression and you need to perfect this grooming style using the right tool.

You should also own top-notch beard grooming products such as creams and oils to optimize the growth of your favourite moustache. And don't forget to maintain your moustache regularly. There are many moustache styles that you can wear. But then again, it is wise to go for a style that suits your personality, taste, and face type.

Some moustache styles will give you a classy look, while others will give you an artistic appeal. Pick a style you like, and do your best to stand out in the crowd. With this in mind, here are the five most popular moustache styles for men:

If you are looking for a heavyweight of all moustaches, you will not get it wrong with a classic chevron moustache. This is a great moustache style if you want a cool and manly look with less effort. This is a type of moustache that covers your whole upper lip whilst the end of the moustache doesn't curl down or up.

To bring out your manly look with a chevron moustache, you can try out;

Mustache edge up

Regardless of the chevron moustache style you opt for, keep in mind that a chevron moustache will display itself proudly and loudly upon your top lip. This is a great style if you have small facial features as the moustache will dominate your face.

This is a moustache style put into the limelight by Salvador Dali, one of the renowned painters and draftsman in the world. It's a style you will not forget if you see someone wearing it. The Dali-style moustache is narrow and its outer tips are curved upwards. It's not an easy moustache to grow.

You have to be patient enough, and let your hair between the upper lip and your nose grow to reach a certain length. You also have to train your hair to grow towards the end sides of your mouth with a quality moustache comb. You have to curve the tips upwards with the best moustache wax in the market. Don't forget a good beard shampoo to wash your facial hair to perfection.

As street favourite moustache style, the handlebar comprises curved ends which spring toward the wearer's cheekbones. You can easily incorporate this moustache style to modern haircut and look more youthful and fresh.

Use a small amount of moustache wax to wind each end outward and create amazing curved ends. The wax also holds your stylish moustache in shape. The handlebar may be one of the oldest moustache styles, but many men fancy it, and it is here to stay.

Perfect mustache

The horseshoe moustache is an ultra-bold and one-of-a-kind style that is exaggerated by many men who wear it. To wear this style, let the tips of the moustache grow and then cut them exactly at the edge of the jaw.

You will need a quality trimmer to trim your grown beard and moustache. Use your bread's bristles and create vertical stripes to keep the moustache unbroken. If properly done, you will be among many men who fancy the legendary Hulk Hogan's moustache style.

Many people who wear moustache these days can attest that the English moustache is a younger and sophisticated version of the Dali moustache. To wear the English style, grow your hair on the upper lip thick until it fully covers the lip. Then let the ends of the moustache grow longer and thinner.

To distinguish your English moustache from the Dali style, using your moustache comp, split the middle of the upper lip and its tips. Use quality wax to hold the tips in place and keep the whole moustache in shape. Ensure you also shave all the hair close to or under the corners of your mouth.

There are different moustache styles that every man out there can try out. However, you should make sure the style you choose is done right to look great on your face. To perfect the style of your preferred moustache, make sure you use the best trimmer in the market. Significantly, keep your facial hairs in shape using quality wax and shampoo.

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