Lip mustache. The Most Popular Men s Beard Styles Followed By Celebrities

Some women prefer caressing a clean-shaven face as it gives them more satisfaction than a bearded face. However, at some point in life, you may want to show off to the world what your follicles are capable of producing. At this point, your woman will love stroking something on your face during your relaxation moments. Mustache with soul patch.

Despite how bad it may sound, not every beard will work for you. This is because the shape of your face has been designed for a specific style. As a result, this article has elaborated some of the top 10 beard styles that are mostly worn by celebrities; they are fit and stylish for the common man.

1. Bradley Cooper

The Cooper style is a touch of scruff in the eyes of many people. For many of us, the style takes little effort to get as it looks simple. However, this is a beard that takes effort and time to achieve it.

This kind of beard works for the oval and symmetrical faces that are straight. Moreover, ensure that you have coarse hair that grows in full.

You can get this style by going over your beard with a hair trimmer daily to keep it fresh. You should also use the best shaving brush to comb through the whiskers as it opens the follicles. However, ensure that your hair grows as thick as Bradley Cooper’s to achieve the hot look.

2. Zac Efron

The style looks hot on all hair types; it could be curly, coarse, fine, or straight. However, if you have a fuller face with rounded jaws, the beard will look better on you.

To achieve this look, you should define your mustache and soul patch with a sharp blade. Moreover, ensure that the stache hangs at the corner of the mouth and close to the beard, but without touching it.

3. Hugh Jackman

Well, this is not the time to worry; you should use the graying whiskers to your advantage. Looking like a distinguished gentleman requires you to maintain your goatee of silvery chin hairs.

Mustache names and styles

The beard works for a pear-shaped face with coarse hair that could either be straight or curly. This style needs a lot of patience; you will need to use a beard trimmer with many adjustable length settings daily. This will be done until the gray hairs show. If they do not appear like the Hugh’s, dye it in patches into the tones of gray, silver, or ebony shade.

4. James Franco

The Franco beard works best for an oval, and a symmetrical face that is well-endowed with straight or coarse hair. This style requires commitment as one should trim the beard daily without touching the upper lip part.

To achieve the perfect look, ensure that the hairless spot in the center is left to rest in every trim.

5. Channing Tatum

Do you want to become the ‘bad boy’ in your hood?

Well, the skinny goatee is the perfect deal for you. The style looks best for fuller faces that are square-shaped, and with broader foreheads.

The goatee area should be trimmed first and later outlined with a good blade before shaving the rest of the face. The even lines should be done with precision.

In this beard, thin, vertical stripes of hair connect to the mustache to the beard in a meticulous way.

How to grow a great mustache

6. The Clooney

The Clooney is a full beard, a darling to many people. However, he has put a trademark on this beard! To get it, ensure that your cheeks and temples are well-trimmed. The mustache should also grow over the lip just a little bit, whereas the goatee area is left to thicken.

7. Chris Hemsworth

The Hemsworth beard showcase that one can grow full beards with compromising their official look. The beard looks best on rectangular and oblong-shaped faces. Moreover, chins should be rounded. Your whiskers can also be fine or coarse.

To achieve this look, let your hair grow and later trim off to the desired length. However, pay close attention to ensure that the crisp line at the neck is well-defined. For maintenance, use mustache scissors to keep the crisp lines clean.

8. Leonardo Dicaprio

This Oscar-winning beard style can be achieved by keeping the hair on the cheeks less than the stubble level. Moreover, ensure that you thin out the chin by using a longer setting of the trimmer on the stache area.

9. Nick Cannon

This is a style that lets your hair grow in stripes (a thin immaculate stache and patchy areas) to showcase the different personalities. From different angles, one may appear carefree or the complete opposite.

The beard works best for an oval and symmetrical face with curly hair. To achieve this look, use a sharp and trustworthy blade and hair trimmer. The mustache should be trimmed daily.

10. Ryan Gosling

This is a heavy stache with wispy chin whiskers. It works best for straight and fine hairs on rectangular or oblong-shaped faces. You can achieve this look by letting the beard grow.

Mustache styles for round face

Later, trim the upper lip hairs and your beards as well. However, do not comb as this wispiness gives Ryan a natural look.

As we have seen from these celebrity styles, changing the facial hairs can give one a look they have always wanted.

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