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That creepy, crawly time of year is just around the corner. As fall settles in and the ghosts and goblins begin to make their appearances, many men struggle to figure out how to integrate their facial hair into the perfect pumpkin-season ensemble. Don't worry! We've got you covered! Take a look at some of the top beard styles we've uncovered online that will help you make the most of your favorite facial feature this Halloween season:

1. ZZ Top

If you and your dudes can rock it, why not? A beard that's been growing for nearly a lifetime deserves to be shown during Halloween extravaganzas. ZZ Top is the quintessential band for long locks that hail from the face. Make sure you condition your beard well and comb it thoroughly to prevent damage and pulling as you pull together your awesome costume.

2. Gandalf

A little grey in the beard, a pointy hat, and an old blanket... Then grab a long limb from the tree out back and you will be well on your way to becoming this classic bearded Lord of the Rings character. *There are plenty of other fun hairy characters you could try from this series as well!

How to grow and trim a mustache

2. Creepy Bearded Clown

Children everywhere would bemoan your existence if you showed up to their Halloween parties as an intentionally creepy bearded clown, so you might want to keep this look for adults-only events. If you're going for goofy -- yet gory -- glory, don't forget an extra bit of red by way of a bow tie and maybe a red nose with a bit of costume blood dripped upon it.

Naturally, you'll want to present the most magnificent facial mane possible when you're scaring the crowd with your creepy clown costume, so make sure you condition your facial hair with a high-quality beard oil well before you partake in your Halloween party adventures to protect those whiskers from all that make-up.

4. A Living Skeleton

Some people say our hair and nails grow long after we take our last breath. This is the perfect reason to put your facial hair out there when the rest of your costume reflects the walking dead. You don't need a mask to pull off a great skeleton look when you have facial hair, but you'll probably want a good dose of black and white costume makeup. A good makeup artist wouldn't hurt, either, but you can definitely scarify your face without professional assistance.

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If you're going for a dead look, liven up your look with a badass 'do on top. Put a patter of our all-natural Hair Pomade in your palm, and slather it on. It'll stay strong and keep your topside appealing while your face scares off intruders.

Honorable Mentions

Here are a few other honorable mentions that didn't quite make the list but are easy and definitely worth considering this halloween: Abe Lincoln, Zeus, Lumberjack, Thor, and Jon Snow

Need a few great products to make sure your facial hair can stand up to the endless hours of partying Halloween provides? The Vintage Grooming Co. has everything you need to make your beard or mustache stand out in a crowd. Purchase your products online today before it's too late!

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