Short beard big mustache. 115 Unbeatable Long Beard Styles for Every Man

The long beard is a trend that comes and goes, as it takes a real sense of style to pull off a long beard without looking messy. While long beard styles have made their way back into the hearts of many, a lot of men still don’t know how to style them so that the look suits their face. On the other hand, so many hipsters have adopted the style to a type of “classic woodsman” look which gives the beard a bit more of a polished edge. So whether you’re looking for some new styles to incorporate into your beard, or you’re thinking of giving the long beard a try, we have handpicked top 115 long beard styles for 2018 and we are definitely sure you’ll get the inspiration you are looking for! Short beard long mustache.

Why Choose A Long Beard?

There is no stronger force than the willpower. If someone wishes to get the glam of a long beard, that willingness is good enough to grow a long beard. Except for this willpower, one can consider a few things before going for a long beard.

Are you patient enough to wait for a long beard for about 3-6 months?

Do you have a face shape that needs to be elongated?

Do you have time and the passion to maintain a long beard?

If all the replies are in the affirmative, then choose a long beard. Other than this, you will give up in the middle of nowhere. So choose a long beard style wisely so that you don’t regret in the middle.

How to Grow A Long Beard?

Let the beard grow naturally. Some people have a slow rate of growth. They can take the help of biotin or beard growth supplement. Eating a balanced diet is a must as our body needs the energy to grow anything. Be patient during the growth period. It will take months to grow a long beard. Apply beard oil to the hair regularly and trim it when needed. Get rid of any straggly hair after every 7 days. Wash the beard regularly, comb it to guide the hair to the perfect direction. The most important part is being patient.

How Long Will It Take to Grow My Beard Long?

There should be no actual answer to this question. Because how long it will take to grow a long beard entirely depends on what length you want to grow and what’s the growth rate of yours.

Generally, it should take about two to six months to grow a long beard. The natural growth rate of a beard is 2 inches per month. It may vary depending on the genetics, hormones, and lifestyle of an individual.

So the period you need to grow a long beard depends on some variables. But, on average, it takes more than 3 months to grow a full and long beard.

How to Pick The Right Long Beard Style

What style will suit you, this might be the burning question hovering in your head. The answer to this question mainly depends on two major facts about a beard style. The two facts are the face shapes and the hair density and growth of the patron. If the density is low, one should not go for those beard styles which require a good deal of facial hair. And, you need to be very careful about face shape you have. The suitable face shapes for the suitable beard style have been given below.

Who Should Try A Long Beard?

Suitable Face Shapes: Rectangle, Triangle, Square, Diamond and Heart – all these face shapes look long and don’t need the help of a beard style to get an elongated look. But, oval face and round face seems to be short and they need the help of long beard to make the face look long. Square shape needs the service of along beard the most. It will elongate the shape of the face of the patrons. So, oval, round and square face shapes are the suitable faces to be adorned with a long beard.

How to Maintain Your Long Beard Properly

It’s not enough to let the beard grow long without any maintenance and care. You will know how to maintain the long beard properly from the below points.

The first thing to do is trimming regularly. How often you should trim that depends on the growth of the hair. Delay in trimming may make the beard look like a bit unkempt.

One must wash the beard at a regular interval. Beard is very dust friendly, it holds dust in between the hair strands. So washing the beard at least twice a week is a must.

Apply beard oil in order to get a healthy beard. A long beard doesn’t get the proper nourishment from natural sebum oil. So, external beard oil is very much essential in this regard.

Styling largely depends on how one trains his beard. Train the beard to the desired direction to get a perfect beard style. You can use comb and beard wax while guiding the beard.

Though we are talking about beard style, never forget the role of a mustache. A mustache can change the look of a beard in many ways. So give attention to mustache styles too.

The below video will help you groom the beard in just a minute:

Best Beard Products You’ll Need

To get the best versions of a long beard you have to use the best beard products. We have discussed the ins and outs of best beard products in the following links.

Best Long Beard Styles

These beards are for men who don’t wish to sport an obnoxiously long beard. While these are considered “short” to some, a lot of men who aren’t used to wearing their beards anywhere past their chins would find these styles to be ‘long’. Here are a few short long beards to try out if you’re interested in letting your facial hair grow out.

1. Polished but Gruff

This full beard is a shorter variation of the long beard, reaching right above the chest. Allow the beard to grow out fully, and trim the hairs down with a pair of scissors in order to give the hair a more uniform shape.

2. Boss Man

This long beard is another moderate length and features faded sideburns and a trim outline. Coupled with a prominent side part, this beard adds a sense of simplicity and effortlessness.

Cool moustache and beard styles

3. Picture Perfect

This beard reaches the chest and offers a hombre appearance as the roots fade from dark gray to white. Featuring full sideburns that extend up into a short haircut on the side of the head, this style is best suited with a perfectly combed over coif.

4. Razor Sharp

This beard has been outlined and styled to perfection, featuring clean lines and a beard that has been trimmed down to a uniform length. The key to this style is leaving the mustache lengthy and slightly curled at the ends to give the beard more texture and style. Coupled with a very prominent side part and side comb, this is definitely one of the sharpest versions of the long beard.

5. Uniform

Here’s a chin length beard that has been trimmed down so that both the beard and mustache are the same length. This gives the beard a slight sense of uniformity and polish that wouldn’t be present if the hair was left scraggly.

6. Woodsman

This beard has been grown out fully and trimmed down to a more uniform length. The sideburns have been thinned out and faded up into the sides. The key to this look is the overall identical coloring job, giving the beard and the hair a very seamless and polished appearance.

7. Outline is Everything

The key to this great beard is the clean outline that was achieved. While the hair has basically been left to grow as it normally would, the beard has been outlined to give the look a little bit more polish.

8. Bush and Coif

Featuring a stylishly trimmed coif, this unruly beard sets a balance between order and dysfunction. While the beard is left disheveled in appearance, the fade on the sides and neatly combed hair makes it apparent that it has been left this way on purpose.

9. Carefree

This look requires little to no effort in terms of styling. Just let the beard grow as it naturally does and allow the hair to do the same. You can add a side part to the hair and comb it down in an effort to clean the lookup, but since this is a more effortless style, the less you do, the better.

10. The Burly Gentleman

This combo features a very disheveled beard coupled with a perfectly outlined and styled coif. If you’re looking for a natural beard style to sport with your sleek hairstyle, this could be one way to incorporate it. Just let the beard and mustache grow out to the same length, reaching the chest, and comb it out to discourage tangling.

11. Large and in Charge

This is a longer variation of the short-long beard. To achieve this look, grow out the beard and mustache fully while maintaining a trim outline. Be sure to trim the mustache so that it’s a bit shorter than the beard, and curl it up with some beard wax.

12. Dare to be Bold

This beard is styled in a very edgy way, featuring a long goatee and trim chin strap. To achieve this look, shave the cheeks clean, leaving a very thick chin strap along the jaw line. Let the goatee and mustache grow out in order to give the beard a good amount of variation in lengths and texture.

Longer Beards

These beards would be what most would consider being “long” beards since they are grown far beyond moderate length. While these styles are only for those who are able to achieve impressive lengths when growing out their beards, there are some beards featured at moderately long lengths.

13. Two-tone

This lengthy beard features an ombre-type coloring that may or may not be natural. The beard and mustache area is colored at the roots and gray toward the middle and ends. To achieve this look, either allow the gray in the beard to grow out and just color the roots, or bleach the middle and ends of the beard in order to color it gray.

14. Faded

Here’s a medium length full beard which features faded sideburns and a curled mustache. In order to achieve this look, allow the beard to grow out and fade the sideburns. Trim the beard so that it’s relatively the same length, but trim the mustache shorter in order to achieve a more modest curl. Finally, using curling wax, curl up the ends of the mustache.

15. Straight to the Point

This is a long beard which features a straighter look. In order to achieve this look, comb through the beard thoroughly in order to remove all tangles. Then, using a flat iron, straighten the hair on a low-heat setting (200° F) in order to straighten the beard without fully removing the texture of it.


Here’s a full beard which thins out fades as it extends into the hairline. In order to achieve this look, grow the beard out fully and trim the hair so it’s shaped and relatively the same length. The key to this style is the cleanly trimmed outline, so be sure to keep the lines neat.

17. Larger than Life

This beard is a full look which includes tapered sideburns and a natural outline. In order to achieve this beard, grow your facial hair out fully and comb out. Then, trim the sideburns in order to give the beard a tapered effect.

18. Wave Effect

This beard features a goatee with a wave pattern to it, which is easily achieved by either braiding or twisting the beard and letting it set overnight. Then, unbraid the beard and fluff out to remove any gaps to give you that wavy effect.

19. All In

Here’s an impressively full beard which features a very natural outline. In order to achieve this look, let the beard grow out as it naturally does and comb it out in order create a fuller look.

20. The Hipster

This last long hipster beard style is a more polished version of the long beard, featuring neatly combed coif. While this look still offers a bit of a carefree feel, it still manages a perfect balance between polished and effortless.

21. Long Beard with a Blad Head

Bald headed people are always confused about the right pick of the beard style. They are in a fix while choosing the best beard style that will suit them. A long beard can bring the end to this confusion.

22. Ultra Long Beard

Let the beard grow long till the last bit of your patience. This type of beard is impossible to get for the impatient people. A beard will take at least three years to get this giant length.

23. One-Sided Hair

A long beard can get the best outlook with the help of a compatible hairstyle. The hair is combed sideways and the beard is full and thick. An earring will make this beard look more beautiful.

How to cut your mustache

24. Wedding Look

Though long beard is not the right thing to wear in one’s wedding, one can get a beard just like the picture. The beard is trimmed and groomed so delicately that it will rock the wedding party for sure.

25. Let’s Compete

If you have beard enthusiast friends just like you, compete with them in the race of long beard. Theses beard needs 2-6 years to grow to this gigantic length. But, this length is not suggested as it can ruin the aesthetic beauty.

26. Ginger Beard

Ginger Beard is something gifted by the God to a few chosen people. Don’t hate it if you have a ginger beard. A long and full ginger beard will look amazingly gorgeous on your face.

27. With Accessories

If you have the knack for using jewelry or accessories. try this beard style. A pendant and a long beard look exceptionally beautiful.

28. Expressive Handlebar

A handlebar mustache can be the best companion of a full and long beard. Let the hair grow long and take care of the mustache so that it takes the shape of a handlebar. Using wax will help you get a better shape.

29. Long Beard with Long Hair

A hairstyle is a great way to stay stylish and trendy. Don’t worry about the beard when you have long hair. A long beard will do the best to make your long hair look sexier than ever.

30. Faded Beauty

The sideburns of the hair get connected with the beard just below the ear. It looks amazing if there remains a smooth and even transitions over the connection. A long beard looks beautiful if it is faded correctly.

31. Long, Full & Black

If you want to show off the ability to grow a beard, try this one. This is a long and thick full beard having a black color that looks manlier than before.

32. Blonde Beard

Let your beard grow to a decent length. Though this beard looks a bit unkempt, you can comb and apply beard oil to make it look like a well-groomed beard. A blonde beard and mustache will look great if you can carry the style rightly.

33. Well Maintained Long Beard

Check the neckline and cheek lines regularly to get a neat and clean full beard. A long beard needs more attention than a short beard. The straggly hair needs to be trimmed regularly and the lines should be very sharp to get this type of beard.

34. Full to the Brim

Let’s show the people what you’ve got. Let the beard grow as long as possible. This type of beard style needs a large amount of facial hair with a healthy growth rate. If you have the ability to grow a beard like this, let the beard become full to the brim.

35. With an Undercut

A compatible hairstyle can change the beauty of a beard style to a great extent. You can get an undercut hairstyle with a long beard. An undercut will make the beard more noticeable and will create a bold beard style.

36. Rich Goatee & Mustache

Goatee beards are some of the best beards guys are running after. This beard is so trendy and obvious that people who want to stand out in the criowd will love it. Let the goatee grow along with the presence of a handlebar mustache.

37. The Champ

If you have ever wished to be a beard champion, get inspired by this beard. You have to be patient enough to grow and maintain beard like these. Only them a beard champ will rise in you. So, get ready with sheer determination.

38. Viking Beard

Viking is a popular TV series. Most of the prominent characters of this series have a long beard. One can be inspired by his favorite character. Here we have presented Ragnar Lothbrok from the Vikings. Shave the hair off from the sides and keep the beard long to get this style.

39. Real Dashing Look

A complete and dashing look doesn’t rely only on beard style. There are some other fashion elements too. Hairstyle, attire, and attitide help a guy look the best. This is that kind of dashing looks which can turn the head of anyone.

40. Glorius Gray

Don’t feel low if the hair is turning into gray. Rather use the gray hair positively, let it grow long and make the best use of gray glory. Gray hair and beard jointly can produce an attractive outlook.

41. Artistic Black

One can color his beard with black to make it look more sexy and impressive. Let the beard grow to the fullest and get a compatible haircut to make the best pair of hair. The black beard will help you get an intense look.

42. Braided Beard

Only passionate beard enthusiasts can grow a beard like this. The beard must be of a huge length. Otherwise, it will be hard to apply any braid. Don’t go for such braided beard till you can grow an immense love for the beard deep in your heart.

43. Full And Thick

Beard and mustache are regarded as the sign of masculinity. So be a man and grow both mustache and beard together. If you have a dense facial hair, go for a full and thick beard style. That will both show off your manliness and look good on your face.

44. Black & White

Some people have a beard that hasn’t turned into gray fully. Don’t worry. You can keep it as it is. Enjoy the natural beauty of the black and white combination. Side by side, one can have a long hairstyle which will complement the bearded look.

45. The Prolonged Goatee

Goatee beard has many amazing variants which can be a great styling tool for the fashionistas. This longbeard style fully depends on the prolonged length of the goatee. Let the goatee grow and take good care of that.

Thin line mustache

46. Cool & Sexy

There is a misconception about long beards. A large number of people think that long beards aren’t desirable, they are filthy and scary. That’s true in the narrowest sense but if you can get a good style and maintain the beard, long beards will turn out to be the sexiest and coolest of them all.

47. Trimmed & Balanced

Trimming is undoubtedly an art. A trimmed beard looks very well groomed and gives a positive impression about the patrons. This beard style is so nicely trimmed that there is no straggly hair. Moreover, the cheek line, neckline and sideburns have been picked up sharply.

48. Messy Look

This messy look can be achieved only by the veterans who are a very old customer of beard trends. Let the beard grow and spread to the last stoppage. The beard will get a uniform connection with the sideburns. All the facial hair will create a super messy look together.

49. Man Bun & Beard

Hairstyle does the half work to make a look more attractive and beautiful. Man bun hair is a secondary hairstyle which needs great care to be nurtured on the head. A long beard and a man bun will prove that you are careful enough about your look. Which will surely add plus point to your stylish entity.

50. Abundance of Hair

Let’s display your ability to grow hair. Be among the manly men and let the hair grow towards the last limit. When the hair and beards are long enough, take the scissors and trimmers, bring out the best from the long hair and beard. Apply compatible hairstyle and beard style to the hair and get access to the endless realm of long beard styles.

Long Bearded Men: Various Styles

Long Beard Problems: Get Ready to Face It

No matter what great things you are doing, some disadvantages are inevitable. Growing a long beard also have some cons as depicted below.

A long beard can catch more dust and filth than other beards. This makes the beard filthy and it becomes a grooming ground for the beardruff.

This is a great nuisance for the foodie guys. You will face difficulty every time you are eating your favorite food.

You will encounter questions of the boss if you are already working. And, if you are an applicant, chances are narrow to get a new job with a full beard hanging around your face.

Getting ready needs more time. This is another great con of having a long beard. You may get scolded by your friends and family before going to any place together.

Beard products are sometimes a bit expensive. So a long beard is a money consuming for sure. Good products cost a good amount of money.

Finally, a strong beard style may make you look ugly. So one must take care of the long beard so that it complements the look of the patron and also doesn’t look like an unkempt beard.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Long Beard

Can everyone grow a long beard?

Anyone having a dense facial hair and a good growth rate can grow a long beard.

How long will beard grow in a year?

The average growth is 1-2 inches per month. So a long beard will be 12-24 inches long within a year.

When to trim long beard?

Trim the beard whenever you see any straggly hair. Once in a week will do good in this case.

What is the best trimmer to trim long beard?

There are a few good trimmers available at the marketplaces. But ‘ Wahl Clipper ‘ is recommended by most of the beard experts.

Long beards are attractive if the facial hair is healthy and well trimmed. If you decide to grow a full beard do remember that you’ll need to take care of your beard regularly. Don’t just grow it randomly, choose a long beard style then grow your facial hair to achieve that style. Let us know which long beard style you like the most. Is it short or long? Do you find it difficult to take care a long beard? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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