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Going to the barber is a viable option, but learning to trim our own beard will save us a lot of time and money. Then we can leave all those trips to the barbershop behind. How to groom your moustache.

The Importance of Trimming Your Beard

Beard trimming is important for all lengths and styles. Whether you wear something short and clean or if you’re growing facial hair to your belly button, a regular trimming routine is key. Frequency will vary for different styles, but we don’t want to forgo trimming altogether.

Trimming your beard helps clean up split ends. Not only does this help to create more healthy growth, it looks nice, too. So if you’d like a healthy beard that looks great, read our tips for how to trim a beard. It’ll help you achieve the fullness and desired length you want.

How to trim a beard starts with clean hair and skin.

Just like a regular shaving routine, you should start with a cleanse. But you don’t want to use the same shampoo that’s designed for the stuff on your head. The skin under your facial hair isn’t the same, and it has different needs. So you should use a specialized beard shampoo for the best results. It’ll prep your face for a better trim.

You can also condition your beard if you’d like. Doing so will help to ensure your beard is as soft as possible, which will make it easier to trim.

Brush your beard.

Once your beard is completely dry, you’ll want to give it a good brush. But keep in mind that you’re not trying to smooth it out and get it to lay down. So you want to brush towards the edges in order to make your beard hairs stand up. This will make them far easier to trim.

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Begin your trim.

This is where you’ll need some clippers. Start by trimming long, out of place hairs. And clip off any of those split ends we mentioned earlier. Then you can get into shaping your beard the way you like.

Some trimming can be done with scissors, especially if you’re growing a full-blown Bandholz beard or something similar that requires a lot of length. Taking a small bit off the ends can be done quickly and easily with scissors.

Scissors are also great for keeping a mustache in check. You can take the scissors to the bottom of your mustache to keep it from becoming a nuisance when you eat or talk. It’s up to you how much space you’d like to leave between the bottom of your mustache and the top of your lip.

And make sure to start small, especially if you’re going into your trim unsure of how much you’d like to keep. You can’t add hair back, but you can always trim more.

Take on the complicated neckline with confidence.

This is probably the most difficult part of our tips on how to trim a beard. Making your neckline look clean and deliberate takes concentration. You got this.

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You don’t want to trim all the way to your jawbone. Your beard hair should wrap past down past your jaw. But you’ll want to avoid it going past your Adam’s apple if you want a sharp, polished look. It can start to look raw and unkempt if you let your facial hair grow down your neck.

That said, you should leave your trim line lower if you’re going for a more rugged look. It’s your beard. So you should do what makes you comfortable.

The other thing to decide when you’re working on your neckline is if you want a hard transition from hair to skin or if you want it to fade out more gradually. Hard transitions are much easier to create. All you have to do is some shaving from where you want the stop to be on down.

Choosing to taper so your beard fades down your neck means you’ll have to spend more time and effort to get the effect you want. You’ll start a process of trimming with guards that get closer to your skin every time you move down. Keep going until you pretty much get to bare skin.

Don’t skip the aftercare.

Similar to shaving, aftercare is just as important as the process of trimming your beard itself. So we don’t want to skip it.

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When your trim is complete, apply beard oil through your facial hair. You can use a beard comb to help spread it throughout. This will lock in moisture to help prevent your beard from looking untidy or unhealthy. It also helps with shaping your beard into just the right style.

A well-trimmed beard is a healthy beard.

Now that you know how to trim your beard, you don’t need to make all of those trips to the barber. Although you certainly can if that’s a more comfortable approach. In the end, comfort is key. And with these tips, you can keep your beard healthy in the comfort of your home.
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