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Goatee is a facial hairstyle for men that is usually grown on the chin, just below the lower lip. These are perfect for men who are shy to rock a full beard or mustache. Latest moustache trends.

Trying to grow a facial hair is quite similar to growing your hair. It’s essential that you exert efforts to grow your desired goatee trends. A sharp trimmer is required to achieve the look you want.

Whatever your face shape is, there’s an awesome facial hairstyle for every man to rock. There are so many styles that are worth trying especially for your face shape that will perfectly go with these popular hairstyles for men. Prescription glasses can also help enhance your facial appearance giving you so many different vibes. It’s up to you which one to sport depending on your face shape. Below are some examples of popular goatee trends.

1. For oval faces goatee trend

For oval faces, this popular goatee trend will give your face an illusion of a pointy or triangular look around the chin. This facial hairstyle has traces of hair on both sides of the face making the jaw more prominent.

2. Oval face goatee cut

Sporting a full beard with a goatee style and a mustache will make you look more professional and dapper, especially when your have your hair styled in a flattop crew cut.

Round moustache

3. For square faces goatee type

For men with square faces, look your best in a stubble mustache and a goatee with a relaxed and combed-back hair, whether it’d be long or short. You think this popular goatee trend will suit you?

4. Square face goatee style

For your hairstyle, sport a buzzcut then pair it with a chin strap and a goatee. You might have seen popular RnB and hiphop artists rock this kind of look. Finish off your look with a stud earring then you’re good to go.

5. For triangular faces goatee look

Hide your wide forehead with fringes or bangs. Balance your look with a beard with a soul patch and a mustache to look like a model who came straight out of the runway. Popular Hollywood actors have also been wearing this look a lot.

6. For diamond faces goatee pattern

Look jaw-dropping in this facial hairstyle if you have a slim, diamond-shaped face. By rocking this look, it will enhance many of your facial features, most especially your jaw.

Moustache over lip

7. For oblong faces goatee shape

Make the ladies turn their heads twice by sporting this facial hairstyle. By cleanly tracing your jaw, your face balances out evenly. Make your jaw look more narrow with this bard style.

8. Original goatee look

This is the original version of this popular facial hair trend. It normally doesn’t include a mustache. However, if you grow a mustache with a beard, then it id known to be a full goatee. If you ever want to try the original goatee look, then you should grow a bit of chin beard under your lip then shave the mustache and jawline.

9. Chin goatee form

This is one of the cleanest facial hairstyles. You only need a patch of trimmed hair around your chin area. Keep the sideburns short and well-trimmed as you shave mustache and jawline.

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