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The Outer Worlds was released back in October to mostly wide praise for its engaging narrative and diverse freedom of choice. While these mechanics, as well as its other RPG elements, are great, one thing that the game can't quite be praised for is the game's character customization options. In short, it is tough to make your character look like a human being. Moustache with soul patch.

To the knowledge of players, we are put in the shoes of humans. Even though we've come a long way since Bethesda's character customization from the likes of Fallout 3, which resulted in bland, often sociopathic-looking characters, The Outer Worlds proves we're not quite there yet.

A video uploaded by YouTube user Amiculi accurately represents The Outer Worlds' idea of what a human being looks like through extensive character customization. The player uses the randomization option to illustrate the different appearances The Outer Worlds is able to conjure from its character customization choices.

Movember moustache styles

The video can be seen below.

The character creator is actually fairly old-school in its take on customized characters, with zany-looking avatars that sport outrageous hairstyles, weathered appearances, and makeup. For example, the first randomized character has a vertical streak of yellow make-up across the center of their mouth while another randomized character has a twirled mustache with a pointy soul patch and mohawk.

Styled beards and mustaches

Others have odd-colored eyes, copious amounts of scratches and scars, and elaborate hairdos. It might not be as noticeable if the faces themselves looked more realistic and on-par with character models from other games. However, face models, too, are cartoonish and lack the realism associated with other current-gen titles.

The silly and cartoonish nature of the randomized characters from The Outer Worlds would be more forgivable if the game were released one console generation ago. As we're now nearing the end of the one that has brought us great-looking titles like Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and God of War, it's a bit less forgivable. Fortunately, it isn't too big a concern in the grand scheme of things. However, it may stand as an example of how developers should try and perfect their character creators and randomizers in future projects.

Well groomed moustache

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