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A goatee is a great option if you’re considering adding facial hair to your image. Dating back to ancient Greek and Roman times when the devil was depicted with a goatee, goatees have been in and out of style throughout history. Still today, the goatee has that bad boy persona attached to it… much like the devil himself!

Goatees have changed over the years, with the original style consisting of hair that only grew from the chin, resembling a goat’s hairy chin; hence the name goatee. Eventually, the style incorporated the mustache, giving way to a new style called the Van Dyke, where the goatee and mustache are separate and do not join together. A circle beard, most commonly worn today, brings the mustache and goatee together, forming a circle around the mouth. Regardless of the style, all three versions are commonly referred to as a “goatee” and are seen on men’s faces throughout the world. Mustache and soul patch name. English style mustache. English style mustache.

Besides the goatee’s sex appeal, this style has some advantages for the wearer.

It’s a great choice for those who don’t want a clean shaven face, but desire more than just a mustache, yet not as much as a full beard. It adds dimension and style to a face, and complements many hair styles, if not all. It looks great with a short cut, as well as longer hair and a shaven head. Many men are required to factor their work environment into their style presentation, and need to conform to acceptable hairstyles both on the head and face. Goats are a safe option with most jobs, especially if it’s short cropped and well groomed.

Another goatee advantage is its ability to conceal scars or imperfections on the chin. If acne is an issue, be sure to keep the goatee area as clean as possible; washing at least twice a day to remove oily buildup. Speaking of washing, always, as with all other facial hair, use shampoo to keep the hair clean. If acne is not a problem, use conditioner on your goatee after shampooing in ordered to keep it soft. It will be much more appealing to the ladies!

Goatee maintenance is a bit more involved and demanding than most other facial hairstyles.

Although it is recommended to have a knowledgeable professional – barber or hair stylist – shape and trim your goatee, most of us are going to handle grooming it ourselves. However, initially, it’s a good idea to have it professionally designed, and reshaped whenever needed; especially when wearing a goat is new.

Hot men with moustache

French cut moustache

How to make a mustache

Goatees Need Sideburns

Sideburns are a must when sporting a goat, unless your head is shaven. If you’re uncertain about sideburn length, talk with your stylist about it.

Keep in mind, a goatee will itch for about the first week of growth.

Applying talcum powder to the stubble can quiet the itch down some. Like other hair, once it gets a little length to it, the itching and misery will stop. Depending on how quickly your facial hair grows determines how much time it takes to have a fully filled in goat, but expect it to take two to three months, depending on your style.

Goatee Maintenance Tools

The same tools are used to maintain a goatee as other facial hair: razor, clipper, small fine-tooth trimmers and scissors. Don’t forget the importance of using an appropriate mirror and comb, too. See my article “Facial Hair Care Tips” in the grooming section of for more information.

How long should a mustache be

Keep your goat well groomed, which includes daily shaving to remove new stubble on other parts of the face and neck. Doing so will maintain the sharp, well defined lines and shape of the goatee style.

Maintaining a goat may take some extra time and energy, but if this is a look that works with your face and lifestyle; paying attention to detail will pay off tenfold!

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