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It’s that time of the year again! Men all over the world, regardless of their style and preferences, have abandoned their razors and are letting their facial hair grow. This of course is not without a reason, and the cause behind it is pretty great. The goal of No-Shave November is to grow awareness by embracing hair, which many cancer patients lose, and letting it grow wild and free. This is part of a bigger international campaign, celebrated globally as International Men’s Day on November 19 every year. Painter's brush mustache.

So this November while you are lending your support to an honorable cause, make sure that you style your beard right and pair it off with the right eyewear! The right eyeglasses, in fact, actually compliment one’s mustache and beard style!

Here are a few interesting styles, and the right eyewear to go with them!

A handlebar moustache is the embodiment of retro fashion! This classic, timeless way of trimming one’s facial hair works perfectly well with eyewear’s own classy style, the Clubmaster! The much needed vintage vibe can be achieved when both are paired together.

Hairstyle with moustache

Round Tortoise Frames and short-trimmed Beard:

The Round Horn-rimmed eyeglasses help soften the jawline and works well for a short trimmed beard. Showing off one’s chiseled jawline by keeping the beard short create lines of impact, which gets best highlighted when adorning a pair of interestingly designed Tortoise eyeglasses.

Aviators and Horseshoe:Though thin rimmed aviators are every man’s all-time favourite regardless of any beard type, it works best with a horseshoe moustache especially! It is an innovative look that is a fashion punchline and the pairing up of the two couldn’t make Movember look any classier!

Painter's brush moustache

Ombre and Full Beard:The rugged scruffy look is beautifully emphasized by dual colored Ombre eyeglasses. The Ombre eyeglasses bring out the adventurous element, which gets complimented by a full beard.

Semi-Rimless and the Painter’s Brush: Semi-Rimless eyeglasses go along with a painter’s brush moustache. The elegance in the plainness of the semi-rimless frames matches the classy gentleman-like vibe of the painter’s brush! November couldn’t look any sexier with the pairing up of the two!

Cat-Eye and the English Moustache:The artistically trimmed British Moustache only looks best paired with a sexy pair of Cat Eye glasses. The edginess of men sporting Cat-Eye glasses can only be handled by an equally edgy English moustache, the best blend.

What would i look like with a moustache

This November while you champion your facial hair types, you would also be championing a cause. So go ahead and let that beard grow, or trim it like an Englishman!

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