Pictures of men with mustaches. Men s mustache and beard styles. Beards and mustaches styles

I think one of the most important men’s grooming trends of last years have been the beards and mustaches. It is a grooming style that show off a masculine side of every man, making us look more mature, wise and in most of the cases help us to feel more attractive, for these reasons I am pretty sure that beards and mustaches will be remains as a popular trend for a long time. So if you are decided to let growing your beard, mustache or both, I have selected, in collaboration with Givenchy, the most popular styles to look sharp and stylish. But do not forget, if you took this decision, remember to take care and groomed your facial hair with the correct grooming products and tools (soon I will post and article about that) 2016 mustache styles. Men's mustaches styles.

The stubble style is when your beard and mustache are very short and looks natural. To achieve it is very simple, you just need to let your hair grow for a couple of days and will be ready. Be careful because this style only looks good on guys with hair growing evenly. The bohemian style fits for the guys with a relaxed and easygoing personality.

The anchor it is a pointed beard that traces the jawline and is paired with a mustache. In my opinion this is one of the most difficult styles, because you need to be very meticulous to get a well defined and a symmetric shape. Try this style only if you have a long angular face, besides it looks better in young guys with a charming presence.

Fu manchu mustache styles

How to style a mustache

To get a full beard, you need to let it grow for a couple of weeks, I know could takes a lot of dedication and time, but if you want to look like a modern viking you need to be patient. Trim regular using your beard machine and a comb to keep it in shape, apply beard pomade to maintain it moisturize. The lumberjack style, looks better in young adults and mature men.

If your are not into beards, try the natural or english mustache. To achieve this look you need a minimum length of hair (1 cm) and just need to trim your hair under your nose, above your lips and the ends from edges of your lips. If you choose for this vintage style, you will look like a classic english gentleman, if you are a white collar this style works perfect for you.

Wear mustache

Last but not least the circle beard, it looks like the anchor style but with a difference that in this case that beard and mustache form a circle. You need to define the shape, checking the correct symmetry to look sharp, apply daily a pomade to keep it neat, I recommend this style for an urban guys who loves the nightlife of a big city.


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Mustache grooming styles

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