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You’ve no doubt heard the expression “quality over quantity” before. The idea is true for most things in life -- an investment in quality never backfires. Human nature, though, sides with the concepts bigger is better and the more, the merrier! We imagine higher success rates if a lot happens in the background. But that’s not always the case. The right combination of quality resources, even if they’re small in number, has enduring effects. How to shape up a mustache.

Less is More

Guys who know less is more grow impressive mustaches. Sure beards are everywhere, but they realize there’s nothing quite the same as having a well-maintained stach on one’s upper lip. For them, it reflects a distinct personal style and leaves an unforgettable impression.

Does your mustache pass as a work of art? If it does, how do you make sure it’s in top condition? And if your goal is to own one of these prized possessions, how can you achieve it? Whether you want one for a specific cause, like Movember, or a long-term style choice, these pointers will help you ace your mustache ambitions!

The First Steps

The best way to get into the game is to grow your whole beard out. This way, you see your growth potential and what you can work with. It also makes the initial Michael-Cera-mustache phase look less awkward! Then choose from dozens of mustache styles, from the Swanson to the Gentleman. When you have a decent amount of growth, start to shape it into your desired style.

The Equipment

You need the right tools to maintain a smart mustache. The basics include:

A razor - A single blade razor is small and easy to angle when shaping a mustache.

A comb - This helps to even the hair out before trimming so you don’t create bare spots.

How to trim a pencil mustache

Facial hair scissors - Trim around your mouth with a good pair of scissors and snip away at stray and long hairs.

A beard trimmer - Sculpt your mustache with a trimmer with a fitting for close work around your stache.

Work with the equipment that produces the best results for you. But remember they should be good quality to avoid damage to your hair.

A touch of beard wax holds your mustache in shape. And a good quality wax does a whole lot more. Remember what we said about quality over quantity? Well, you won’t need to use a ton of wax to see optimal results. And the wax you use shouldn’t contain a load of unnecessary ingredients or chemicals. You apply it near your mouth after all. Here are the ingredients in our stache wax, for comparison:

Shea Butter - You won’t forget the moisturizing effects of Shea Butter. It nourishes your hair and your skin, preventing dryness and irritations. And the butter repairs wrinkles and fine lines. Add anti-inflammatory and UV-protection qualities into the mix, and you have an ideal natural ingredient.

Yellow Beeswax - Yellow Beeswax stimulates hair growth and protects from environmental damage.

Mustache styling wax

Sweet Almond Oil - It’s loaded with vitamins A,B, and E as well as Omega 9,6 and 3. These rich nutrients keep hair strong and guard against split ends and breakage.

Pine Resin - This is a natural ingredient used for generations because of its stickiness properties. It’s perfect for crafting even the most challenging styles!

Tea Tree Essential Oil - Essential oils are your hair's best friend. Tea Tree oil promotes hair growth, treats your skin underneath, and combats dandruff and hair fall. It’s got anti-fungal properties too.

Cedarwood Essential Oil - This oil prevents Sebum buildup. Too much of this natural oil clogs pores and leads to acne. It’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, so be confident your mouth area won’t suffer from irritations and inflammation.

Rosemary Essential Oil - It stimulates hair follicles and results in stronger and longer hair.

That’s under 10 good quality ingredients. And they do the job without the need for chemicals, preservatives, fragrances, and colorants!

How to thin mustache

Wax Remover

At the end of your day, a good wax remover eliminates the glue from your mustache. Sure, some men leave mustaches wax in as they sleep. Others find the experience uncomfortable and prefer to remove whatever product they applied. In both cases, you want something to promote hair health as you settle in for the night. The essential oils in our wax remover will do a fine job of nourishing your hair and revitalizing your skin overnight.

Use good tools and apply the best products for great results. By the best we don’t mean the most expensive, or even the most famous. We mean products proven to promote a healthy, attractive, and manageable mustache.

Movember may be the annual celebration of the mustache for a good cause, but it’s also made facial hair popular again. Whether you sport a straight-forward mustache or a complicated masterpiece, don’t neglect your hair and skin. Good maintenance and grooming put you in good company with your fellow mustached brothers.
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