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Men’s essentials

From facial hair to body odor, men have unique grooming needs that require specialized products. The Men’s Grooming section of our Personal Care department offers these specialized products in categories designed to help you browse everything easily. Learn more about each product category and about men’s personal care products in general to ensure a successful shopping experience. How to grow and groom a mustache.

What sets men’s grooming products apart?

Men's’ grooming products are packaged and formulated differently in order to stand out and appeal to the modern man’s needs and preferences. These products’ scents usually differ greatly from unisex or women’s grooming products. Scents in this category are usually musky or spicy, leaning more toward leather and pine than rose and citrus. Additionally, many of these products cater specifically to the facial grooming needs of a person who can grow a full beard or who wears short hair. This section makes it easy for you to quickly filter out product options you might find suitable and focus in on scents and formulas that have a masculine edge.

Browsing men’s grooming categories

You’ll need to visit multiple product categories to build a collection of products for daily use. There are multiple product types available, all of which can play a vital role in your grooming routine. Understanding what’s available in each category and the differences between similar categories can make it easier to stock your product collection with items that suit your unique grooming needs.

Body wash and soap: Body washes and soaps in this department address men’s bathing needs, with many product options focusing on deodorizing, long-lasting scents. This section also includes more 2- or 3-in-1 products designed to cleanse and condition both your body and hair. If you have short hair, you may find this multipurpose product particularly efficient for bathing. Some men’s body washes and soaps focus on secondary concerns beyond deodorizing, including moisturizing and gentle cleansing for sensitive skin on your body and face. If you have special grooming needs, be sure that you pay attention to product descriptions and other descriptive information to ensure the cleanser you choose addresses those needs, such as oily skin or body acne.

Fu manchu facial hair

Hair care, styling and grooming: Men’s grooming products focused on hair are split into three main categories: cleansing, styling and cutting. Shampoos and conditioners may be available as separate products or as combination conditioning cleansers, all in masculine scent profiles. Styling products for men tend to focus on the needs of shorter hair and on styles that need to hold hair in place, rather than the volumizing and shine products often designed for women. Some of the pomades and creams in this section are specifically helpful if you're looking to achieve a messy or spiky hair look. Scented products may be available in the styling category; if you want your styling products to include a masculine scent, you can focus on those products made by well-known men’s personal brands. Finally, if you have a short hairstyle and need to keep your edges and sideburns trimmed or like to buzz cut your hair at home, you can look into our selection of trimmers and other electric clippers designed for you to use on your head. Beard trimmers and other clippers designed for facial hair grooming are also available in this section, and they differ greatly from electric razors that are designed for use on your face and neck. Beard trimmers are meant to trim and sculpt rather than remove hair entirely.

Electric shavers and razors: If you shave off facial hair or shave in between sculpted mustache and beard areas, you should use specially designed electric or manual razors rather than beard trimmers. Both types of razors have unique design features, such as pivoting heads and small blades, that are designed to smoothly move around the contours of your face without cutting your skin. You may prefer electric styles because they work faster and are usually more versatile for wet or dry shaving without the use of shaving cream. If you have a number of different facial hair trimming and shaving needs, you may want to focus on electric razor models that feature multiple functions or attachments for precision shaving. Manual razors are less expensive, though, and may be preferable if you like to have more control over your grooming. These also don’t require charging the way electric razors, which are now typically cordless and battery powered, do.

Colognes and deodorant: Cologne and deodorant are the final grooming step as you go through your daily personal-care routine. Aside from scent, the deodorants in this category offer extra strength and other powerful formula features to address your needs if you sweat or otherwise find yourself producing body odor during the day. If you're particularly concerned with sweat, focus on antiperspirants rather than deodorant alone.

Men's facial hair mustache

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