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Colored mustaches look great on most men and are a wonderful way to add interest to your face. No matter if you are naturally blonde or decide to dye your hair when you have a blonde mustache you are sure to attract a lot of attention. Wide mustache.

Latest Blonde Mustache Ideas for Men

Blonde mustache is not very common but it looks really attractive and different. Try out these epic mustache styles to stand out in a crowd!

Men who have really strong features can definitely pull off this style. The slight swoop of the handlebar mustache combined with the beard draw a lot of attention to the mouth and the jaw. The feathered beard with this blonde mustache really makes it stand out.

2. Mini Blonde Handlebar

Some handlebar mustaches are so large that they take up the entire face and can look out of place. Keeping the handlebar a little shorter prevents it from looking silly and makes this mustache appropriate to wear to the workplace.

It’s important to make sure that the ends are curled up correctly or they will droop and the mustache won’t look its best.

How to style your moustache

3. Fu Manchu with Long Beard

A Fu Manchu mustache can look strange when it is worn without a beard, but a full beard with a long Fu Manchu can look great on the right guy.

This mustache is a little blonder than the rest of the beard, and the contrast is really visually interesting. As long as the hair is moisturized and cleaned regularly, then this style will look great.

4. Natural Mustache with Beard

Perfect for men who want to wear a mustache, but aren’t interested in drawing too much attention to themselves, a blonde dyed mustache and a neatly trimmed beard is the perfect combination.

This is a classic facial hair combo and, as long as everything is trimmed regularly, it won’t ever look out of control. Make sure to allow the beard to come in fully for the best results.

Short hair mustache

5. Shaggy Pencil Mustache

Most people think of a pencil mustache being very thin and neat, but a slightly shaggy one can add a lot of interest to a man’s face. It’s important to keep the mustache up and off of the top lip for it to continue to look neat and cared for or it can quickly look unkempt.

6. Painter’s Brush Mustache

Men who want their mustache to gently rest on their upper lip will love this style. Instead of allowing the air of the beard or the mustache to grow longer than the other, it’s a good idea to make sure that everything is short and neat. Dyeing all of the facial hair the same blonde color will keep the style looking uniform.

7. Blonde Lampshade Mustache

This style is generally seen on older men and can look a little out of place on younger men due to how severe the cut of the mustache is.

By keeping the bottom of the mustache perfectly trimmed to rest right above the top lip and ensuring a straight line every time, this mustache can be the perfect way to outline a man’s mouth.

Handlebar moustache with beard

The next time you want to change up a facial hairstyle, consider a blonde mustache. As you can see, this is a very versatile type of facial hair and is sure to make you look amazing.
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