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You need to do this carefully so as not to trim out too much hair from the mustache. Otherwise your mustache will look too thin which is certainly. How to Trim Your Out of Control Mustache If you want a thin mustache, use a lower numbered guard (for example, a #2), or for thicker facial. Growing, and styling, a unique mustache is a way to separate facial hair can grow a thin mustache keeping it trimmed at the edges of the lips. How to trim a pencil thin mustache.

The Pencil-thin mustache look. There are countless facial hair styles, but this doesn't mean that trimming a mustache will be complicated. Here's a simple set of. How to Trim a Mustache. The mustache is a classic look for men, but over time they can grow out and look unruly. If you want to control your mustache and keep. This is when obsessive beard and mustache trimming goes too far who wants to maintain a very specific thin mustache or contoured beard.

How to properly trim and shape your mustache to keep it looking want to clip hairs that don't lie flat, and a shorter one to thin and reduce bulk. Take a look at the best pencil thin mustaches list we have handpicked just for your You will need to trim your mustache on a regular basis and shave the rest of. Alternatively, scroll down first to learn how to grow a moustache, trim it and If the goal is a small, pencil thin moustache, this can be achieved.

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1. Trim your mustache weekly. First comb dry mustache with a fine toothed mustache. Illustration by Ted Slampyak. Like this illustrated guide?. Trimming and maintaining​ a mustache is fairly easy. Follow these quick tips to keep your 'stache looking great. Here's how to trim a mustache. Give yourself a nice even mustache by using your full-size trimmer to trim your entire face to around 1/8 to 1/5 of an inch. 2. Now, with a precision trimmer, trim.
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