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Short beards can look smart and suave and there are certain beard styles that are very easy to maintain. It can be quite difficult to groom and style your beard on a regular basis. A quick way to ensure that your personal grooming routine is taken care of, is to adopt a beard style that is stylish, trendy and yet easy to manage. Men's mustache and beard styles.

Now although there is no specific length to classify a beard in the short beard look category, a beard that extends an inch or two past your chin is what you should aim for!

We came up with a list of short beard designs that you can resort to, when you desire to opt for a change!

Slight Fuzz

The kind of beard style that is for the young and the carefree, this will allow you to keep your grooming regimen hassle free. To achieve this look, all you need to do is grow your beard a little bit and trim it down but make sure it is not too close to the skin.


This is a short beard cut that features a soul patch and hair that is purposefully left in the dip above the lip. This brings out the cheek bones and can also be worn with thick side burns.

Thin Goatee

The goatee has been around for decades and the thin goatee is a version of this popular beard style that works well if it is well-outlined before shaving. The hair on the chin needs to be shaved leaving behind a soul patch for mystery and charisma. Clean lines define the side burns and the neck can be left to its natural growth.

Different facial hair styles

Chin strap

A short beard look that is great for a man who is vary of long beards and frowns upon their maintenance. Make sure you leave a strap of hair along your chin and jawline intact as you shave the remainder off, in order to achieve this look. Also keep the mustache trimmed and style it the way you prefer.

Thick & bold

If your idea of a beard is a thick and rugged one, then this is the beard style that would do you complete justice. With a well-defined chin and a clean outline, this is a beard style that will look best on a structured jawline.

This beard is perfect for people who have a narrow chin. To don this look, you need to fully grow a beard and a moustache. And then with the help of an electric razor, remove the hair from both sides of the cheeks. Once you are done, take a normal razor and trim the hair on your chin to get the Balbo style appropriately.

Circle Beard

This style suits best for people who have round or oval shaped faces. For this look, you need to have a circle-shaped goatee and a moustache. It might be little difficult for you to don this style on your own. But once, you get it done from the salon, it is easy to keep it in shape with a trimmer at home.

Short and Shaggy Beard

This beard generally looks good on youngsters. It helps a person achieve a rugged and a carefree look. For this style, you don’t have to trim the beard, but let it grow a little bit. This beard is most suitable on people who have a long face.

New hairstyle

Classic Goatee Beard

The best part about this beard is that it suits both youngsters and adults. It is considered as one of the most stylish beards. For this look, you need to grow a chin beard just below the lip and have clean and smooth cheeks.

Mutton Chops with long side burns

Popularly known as ‘pork chops or lamb chops’, this style connects the hair from the jawline to the sideburns. Even though this beard looks like it requires a lot of work, it is very easy to maintain.

The Extended Goatee Style

This beard is also known as the Tailback. In this style, the goatee is combined with a moustache and the latter looks as if it is connected to the beard. The side burns for this look are removed.

The Wolverine

This is another version of mutton chops and is similar to it. You just need to leave a thin strip of beard on the base of your chin and let it connect to the side burns. Talented actor Hugh Jackman donned this look in his movie ‘Wolverine’ and made it quite popular.

Try out these styles and have some fun. But do not forget to use Cinthol Beard Oil and Cinthol Beard Wax to ensure your beards are maintained and styled at all times.

Mens mustache care

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