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The mustache will be outlining your lips to make them seem fuller. The length of the mustache can vary but the longer it is, the better it will look. Make it at least as long as the lip line. Guide to Grow a Perfect Mustache. If you are not sure you can make a pencil mustache, opt for a thicker option.

Allow the mustache line to be about an inch thick. Create a middle part for a special zest. You will need to trim your mustache on a regular basis and shave the rest of the facial hair daily. If you opted for a long mustache then you can make the middle part thicker than the ends.

Movember mustache guide

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Such mustache is easier to create and will make a great impression. The thin tips should be created beyond the lip line. Making a pencil thin mustache with a middle part is a real art. You can learn to make this mustache on your own. However, when you are just starting out, get some professional assistance. You might make a few mistakes at first but soon you will become a real expert. The main goal of the pencil thin mustache is to look like a real pencil line. Try to keep the mustache as thin and as neat as possible.

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How To Grow & Trim A Pencil Thin Moustache For Your Face Shape!

Intriguing Pencil Thin Mustache To Enjoy the Style!


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How to style my mustache

The thinner it is, the better it will look. Maintaining the moustache will then be a far easier endeavour. The double or parted moustache is probably the most iconic Pencil style as it is reminiscent of classic Hollywood stars. The two wings are parted at the philtrum and slope down the sides of the upper lip. The parting can vary in width but are best kept well-defined and relatively narrow. For this reason, a double Pencil moustache requires some dexterity to achieve. If shaved too wide, the moustache can appear strange and make the palate seem unusually wide.

Furthermore, the parting also makes the Double Pencil particularly difficult to maintain as the parting requires regular shaving to stay neat.

Given that the Pencil moustache looks best on a clean-shaven face, this even becomes a daily endeavour for the wearer. The wings can be kept straight or formed into pointed chevrons.

Pencil Thin Mustache Lyrics

If the latter is desired, the centre is left thicker than a regular moustache for a defined finish. Single Pencil moustaches are a simpler variant to the more elaborate parted version. In turn, these are far easier to maintain and only require some care when shaving around them. Single moustaches tend to be remarkably thin and require thick, dark hair to be noticeable.

How Do You Trim A Pencil Thin Moustache?

Their thinness also suggests that they are difficult to embellish with a taper or chevron finish. They often sit right above the top lip and follow its shape. However, sometimes they can sit slightly higher and work as a smooth curve over the mouth. These are also an ideal option for men with patchier growth or fairer hair as it will appear bolder.

Moreover, they are easier to maintain for novices or men on the go. They are also more forgiving to mistakes that can easily be creating by readdressing the contours. A Pencil moustache is an elegant choice for a discerning gentleman who wants to stand out from the crowd.

Ways to trim a mustache


Nevertheless, there are both solutions an alternatives, which can help to use the moustache to complement his stylish ensemble. Diamond faces fare better with softer, more voluminous moustaches. However, by thickening a Pencil moustache and rounding off its contours, they can excel with this style without exaggerating their cheekbone width or their angular features.

Heart face shapes are fortunate in that an elegant Pencil moustache will seamlessly correspond to their facial structure.

An angular finish can even broaden the chin and emphasise their features. Like Heart faces, Oval shapes can benefit from the modest size of a Pencil moustache.
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