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Barber John moved to Chico, California after many years of living and working in Northern California and Nevada at Yosemite National Park, Reno and Lake Tahoe. He has been a California Licensed Barber since 1975 and opened his Chico location in September of 2008. Mustache haircut.

During the first few weeks of opening, Barber John was working by himself and was lucky to get two to three customers a day. But the word was getting around that this new barbershop was the place to go to get a really good men’s haircut. Barber John caters specifically to college guys and young professionals who care about their appearance and appreciate a quality men’s haircut.

Barber John’s is not a clip-joint, chop-shop or salon. He specializes in quality men’s haircuts. Although we do cut longer hairstyles and specialty haircuts, Barber John’s specializes in all the latest clippered haircuts and business style scissor haircuts. All clippered haircuts are tapered (faded) all the way down and if needed will include shampoo, conditioner, styling gel, hot lather neck shave, beard and mustache trim and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Also included is a courtesy neck trim between haircuts to keep you looking cleaner until your next haircut.

How do you trim a mustache

Thanks to our customers and all their referrals, Barber John’s has become the most popular barbershop in Chico and the internet’s highest rated barbershop in the north state.


holiday hours

Thanksgiving Day and Friday After

Mustache thin

St. Patricks Day, Cesar Chavez Day, Halloween, the day before Thanksgiving, and New Years Eve.

Overall rating page: 3.4 / 5 left 175 people.

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