Moustache with soul patch. The Making of the Moustache,

With Movember just around the corner, we’ve been receiving many questions on how to craft the perfect moustache and what products to invest in. We’ve broken down a few key moustache essentials that will help you on your moustache journey. Moustache styles 2015.

Moustache Essentials

Whether growing a moustache during Movember, or any other time of the year, you’ll need a moustache comb or moustache brush to leave your hair neat and sleek. Moustache combs and brushes are gentle on hair and small enough to carry in your pocket, so you’ll always have on one hand in the event of a grooming emergency.

Define and sculpt that ‘stache with an easy to use moustache wax. Available with different holds, scents, and colours, moustache wax is an easy way to control and style hair.

Basic trimming and tidying is quick and convenient with a pair of quality moustache scissors. Often found in stainless steel, they are ergonomically designed to maximize comfort during use and help you perfect the well-groomed appearance you’re working hard for.

Short hair mustache

For something a little more powerful than scissors, you’ll want to use Merkur’s Mustache and Goatee Grooming Safety Razor. Combining the sharpness of a razor and the precision of fine scissors, it will help you reach difficult areas, helping you maintain a handsome look.

Investing in a Moustache & Beard Grooming Kit will provide you with the basic tools needed to groom the perfect stache or beard. It will also give you the opportunity to test out different products so you can determine which you like and which work best for your hair type.

After you’ve equipped yourself with all the essential tools, you can plan which style of moustache to grow. Learn more about the different moustache styles here.

Different styles of beards and mustaches

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