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No Shave November is here and while a lot of us are still immensely sceptical about its origin and the reasons behind not shaving off your beard, the whole idea of not shaving for a month and participating in this profound cause is exhilarating. The idea behind November is to go off shaving your beard or mustache for the month as you show your support for cancer patients who are fighting a tough battle every single day. Awesome mustache.

So if you have decided to take part in this growing trend, you will also need a couple of styles and tips which will help you keep yourself groomed and maintain the growing stache.

Make sure your timing is right with trimming your mustache perfectly. Using clippers in the initial stages of a trim might work well but as the mustache starts to grow you will have to invest in a good quality pair of scissors. Your mustache needs to look dapper and less fluffy to be presentable at all times.

Mustache shapes

We cannot stress the importance of using good quality products for your mustache as well as your beard. A good face scrub, the perfect shampoo and conditioner will help your hair growth tremendously and keep it from getting oily or too damp. A good quality conditioner will soften the mustache.

Using a good beard wax for maintenance will go a long way in ensuring that your mustache stays firm and gets definition. Warm the wax between your fingers before applying it.

Cool moustache and beard styles

The Cinthol Beard wax is one that not only provides a long lasting hold but is also one that will keep your beard stylish and smelling great.

Taking a good look at your face cut and shape is crucial when you are trying to grow a mustache that will be stylish and dapper. If your face is square shaped, a longer mustache will do the trick, however, an oval or round face might require a slightly triangular mustache. Consult your barber for a better insight into the kind of mustache that will suit you best.

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