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The beard, it’s not trendy, it’s timeless. Unfortunately, a dreadful appearance can be easily acquired by putting all good grooming habits aside. Today, I’m going to show you how to avoid the mistake most gentlemen make. Mens mustache grooming.

Put down the razor and your beard grows and grow; all its own. It’s manly magic.

While the clean shaven men of the world might envy your patience and seemingly care-free lifestyle, they often overlook the most important requirement of having a beard: Actually grooming it.

You certainly don’t wake up in the morning with a neatly shaped beard, let alone one that’s kissable soft for your significant other. Even bearded veterans and first timers alike know this to be true.

The truth is, acquiring a beard everyone admires takes tools (and time). The kind you should have in your own bathroom, like: Beard oil, combs, brushes, conditioner, washes, mustache waxes, and so on.

Luckily, with all the money you’re saving by not shaving, buying your first beard grooming kit makes for a damn fine investment. Go ahead gentlemen, pamper yourself and your beard, you won’t break the bank or your wallet. Of course, it’s hard to not be satisfied when you’re looking sharp thanks to a gifted kit too. Hint, hint ladies.

With that said, what makes for a good or even the best beard grooming kit ever? Well, gentlemen, it really depends on what you want verse what you need. At the very minimum, a beard comb, beard oil and a pair of scissors should be in your bathroom arsenal. Washes and conditioners are a luxurious treat, while things like mustache wax and precisions trimmers make life a little bit easier.

Ultimately, every beard is different and so is the skin underneath it. Some guys wash their beard with only beard-specific washes, others simply prefer using their own, typical hair shampoo. As you browse this collection of the top 18 best beard grooming kits for men below, I’m sure you’ll find something you like. I’ve even include details on where you can build your own, piece by piece, which is rather cool to say the least.

Beardsley In The Box Beard Care Set

No compact sized nonsense here as Beardsley provides you with a full sized kit of shampoos, conditioner, lotion and oils. This kit focuses entirely on the beard care products while giving a miss to scissors, brushes and combs. Top marks for the fresh aromatics used, also for the cool pinewood box the set comes in.

Big Forest Beard Grooming Kit

Want to maintain that luxuriant growth under your chin? Try this completely natural kit. It has an organic liquid beard shampoo with pine infusions. The beard oil and balm maintain the natural woodsy theme with pine infusions. The military style brush has a rustic wooden handle and can be used on wet or dry beards.

Billy Jealousy Beard Envy Kit

Styles of beards without mustaches

Keep dry scaly skin and whiskers at bay with their hydrating beard wash with aloe and soy protein. Beards maybe manly, but they need nourishing too! For taming those wild beards, they have a styling formula with jojoba oil, and tough as nails boar bristle brush. The lack of a pair of scissors aside, this is a great kit overall for making any clean shaven man jealous with envy.

Build Your Own Beard Maintenance Kit

Why settle for prepackaged kits when you can craft your own personal customized kit piece by piece? With this option from Grooming Lounge, you have the freedom to be the true master of your beard. Take your pick from a comprehensive list of washes, conditioners, oils, combs and even sets of specialized accessories to truly stand out from the rest. You’ll like the fact that you can choose more popular brands like Blue Beards and Beard Brand too. The beard is yours, and now the choice is too!

Can You Handlebar Wisdom Basic Beard Care Kit

This 100% All American product is perfect at home or on the road. You get a beard oil with woody and citrus notes, two types of wax with different holds, and a bear oil brush and wax lifters. The oil brush and wax lifters are nice and uncommon additions not usually found in this range of products. If you have any doubts, they even have a “beard counseling service”!

Craft Beard Premium Men’s Beard Grooming Kit

Up your manliness quotient with a grooming kit that combines beards and craft beers. And how do they manage this holy marriage? By having two beard oils that carries the essence of fine porter and an Indian Pale Ale, heady stuff indeed. Just when we thought beard kits couldn’t get any manlier too! The kit also has a stout pair of scissors and pocket comb as well.

Dapper Ganger Grooming Beard Kit

A comprehensive kit that contains all the lotions and balms along with the necessary tools of the trade as well. You get scissors and a compact comb with very useful bottle opener built with a chain. The toiletries include oil, shampoo and balm, all made with organic ingredients and scented with refreshing yet understated aromas, all packaged in a stylish vegan leather bag.

Dear Barber Beard Grooming Gift Set Collection

The brilliantly retro themed packaging is worth at least half the money in its own right. This is an ideal gift for any hirsute friends or family members. The nourishing beard oil contains coconut, argan and almond oils, and is ideal for everything from small stubbles to full on beards. A mustache wax containing jojoba, and an old school beard comb complete the set.

Grave Before Shave Beard Care Pack Kit

Good moustache styles

The spooky pirate themed branding and design help this kit stand out from the rest. Though, their products speak for themselves. The bay rum scented oil keeps up with the whole piratey theme. The brush has high quality wild boar hair bristles and a high quality bamboo handle. A fresh smelling beard wash completes this kit.

Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit

In case you are wondering, no, these guys are not linked to the School Of Rock star. They have been around since before he hit the big time, and they do have a good set to show for it. No scissors, but all natural, soothing beard oil with Kalahari melon oil and a very fresh smelling shampoo and conditioner make this a good kit fit for Jack Black himself.

Mountaineer Brand Beard Care Kit

Replete with a burlap bag, military style brush and old school packaging, this is no beginner’s kit. If you want a kit that styles and soothes your beard as well as your conscience, this could very well be the one for you. The woody smelling Timber oil, balm and beard wash contain no animal products and were not tested on lab animals.

Percy Nobleman Beard Grooming Kit Bundle

A decidedly elegant looking kit all decked in black, it comes with a beard oil, wash, wax and comb. If you are looking for some quintessentially European beard grooming experience, the shea butter infused shampoo and beard oil with argan and jojoba extracts should do it for you. This set is perfect for the shorter beards with its compact folding beard comb.

Percy Nobleman Ultimate Beard Grooming Box Kit

The antique styled hand crafted box in itself is a work of art. The kit has everything from scented conditioning oils, to separate wax for beards and mustaches, grooming scissors, comb, wash and balm. The box even has a handy mirror in the lid. This package would look right at home in a 1930s period drama.

Repsol Care Natural Boar Bristle Beard Brush And Handmade Comb Beard Kit

An ideal kit for the bearded man who has his pick of lotions and shampoos, but no decent brush and comb to shape his manly growth. The handmade wooden comb has a thick fine tooth and is designed to be anti static and snag free. The boar bristle brush is ideal for all kinds of grooming and styling. Comes with a nifty gift box with magnetic clasps.

Scoutmob Balm And Beard Oil Kit

Goatee and moustache styles

Invoke the wild frontiers with this very masculine scented beard oil and balm kit. The scents are the stars in this kit. The oil invokes images of the wild Appalachian Trail with lavender, bergamot and smoky undertones of tobacco and cloves. The balm has a decidedly masculine aura with bold pipe tobacco notes and sweet vanilla undertones.

Wizard Grooming Care Beard Kits

Channel your inner Gandalf and create masculine styles that weave a magic around the ladies with this kit. It even comes in what looks like a wizard’s pouch! The beard wax is enriched with shea butter, emu oil and vitamin E to protect your beard in style, while the brush is made of premium sandalwood. All natural oil with aloe and jojoba complete this handy and compact kit.

Zeus Deluxe Beard Grooming Kit

This deluxe version from Zeus comes minus the scissors and combs found in the Ultimate edition, but contains some great all natural oils and conditioners. The boar bristle brush is included, along with a verbena lime shampoo with soothing chamomile extract, an aloe vera conditioner and a verbena lime beard oil. Full marks for maintaining consistency of aroma throughout the kit.

Zeus Ultimate Beard Care Kit Gift Set

A complete package that promises to make beards softer and the users “kissable” again. Very handy if you are having issues on that front! Levity aside, they do have everything, from conditioners and shampoo (verbena lime), to beard oil and balm, brushes and separate combs for beards and mustaches as well a pair of scissors.
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