How to trim a pencil mustache. Bald With Beard? Look Good With These Tips, Wild Willies

Sporting that bald with beard look? Look gloriously badass with these beard styling tips. Mustache with soul patch name.

17 Ways to Rock that Bald with Beard Look

1. Regular Beard

The most important thing a beard does for you is to break the contours of your face. One of the best and most basic steps you can do to add more definition to your look is to simply grow a mid-sized beard.

2. Stubble

Jason Statham and Bruce Willis have the right idea in sporting an unshaven look. If you don’t want to commit to a long beard and still look badass, just maintain a stubble.Simply remove the guard for your clippers and let it do its work. It’s that easy.

3. Goatee

The goatee lends its powers to bald men perfectly, judging by the looks of Stone Cold Steve Austin or John Malkovich. When it comes to goatees, it’s a toss-up between the classic vs the full goatee, and there’s a world of difference between the two. The classic goatee is well-maintained stubble on the chin, while a full goatee marries a mustache and chin stubble. The classic conveys a relaxed, easygoing attitude while the full goatee style suits a man who is comfortable going rugged.

4. The Van Dyke

For a more Old World appeal, you can style yourself with the Van Dyke. The Van Dyke defines itself from other bald head with beard styles by requiring the growth of both a mustache and a goatee but keeping them separate by shaving the cheeks. It’s going to either make you look like a duke or a scoundrel and hey, that’s not such a bad thing.

TIP:Many styles on this list will require growing a good mustache, so read up on basic mustache grooming.

5. Walrus Mustache

A walrus mustache with a bald head is an iconic combo because we’ve seen a lot of circus strongmen carry that style. When your ‘stache does the flexing for you before you even twitch a muscle, it’s definitely a look you want to consider.

Mens moustache

6. Soul Patch

Jazz musicians popularized this facial hair style which entails keeping a groomed strip of hair under the lower lip. This is a good look if you love the clean shaven look throughout but want a nice bit of facial hair to add a bit of interest.

7. The Amish

Do you want to combine an austere look with a nice long beard? The Amish beard expressly does this by removing the mustache and keeping everything beneath the chin. Men from the historical Amish communities in Europe developed the style as a way to distinguish themselves from the more war-like mustachioed men who scorned these religious folk for their pacifist ways.

8. The Circle Beard

The circle beard is what you call a goatee with an interconnected mustache and chinstrap. Men love this particular goatee style because of its clean look coupled with a roguish appeal.

9. Balbo Beard

The Balbo beard’s namesake may be an Italian general under Mussolini, but the style is enjoying it’s modern-day renaissance thanks to guys like Robert Downey Jr. aka Tony Stark. This beard has three working parts: a disconnected mustache, a soul patch, and a short beard under the chin without sideburns.

10. Friendly Mutton Chops

When you’re a balding man who wants to armor your face with a man mane, the friendly mutton chops is the beard style for you. Basically, you’ll be growing a beard that extends from your sideburns well into your cheeks and bridging the two sides of your face with a mustache. Friendly mutton chops connote a man with a wild, unbridled spirit as this style is a heavy favorite among bikers and hippies.

11. The Handlebar Mustache

A bald man with a handlebar mustache automatically butts heads with anyone who happens to look. The stache provides a hardworking flourish to bald men with powerful physiques. Totally badass.

Narrow mustache

12. The Colonel

What’s better than a handlebar mustache on a bald man? Complement the powerful wings of a handlebar with a soul patch to get a Colonel.

13. Chinstrap Beard

The chinstrap beard works on the same principle as the Amish beard, as you’ll do away with the mustache with this style as well. It edges out the Amish beard in terms of how clean and neat-looking it is. You can see UFC champion Khabib Nurmagamedov wearing this style.

TIP:You’ll have to crop the chinstrap beard close to your jawline, so make sure you know your beard-shaping basics.

14. The Klingon

If you’re a big admirer of the Klingon-like Worf in Star Trek: The New Generation, the fictitious martial race of aliens’ beard style has gained popularity. You can style the Klingon by growing a full beard and then trimming the mustache hairs above your upper lip. It’s an interesting look that combos the Fu Manchu mustache and the classic goatee.

15. Pencil Thin Mustache

Nothing says smooth like a pencil-thin mustache, and this mustache style accentuates this sense of cool in a bald man. A bald man with this mustache style exudes ice-cold in spades and gets all the ladies.

16. The Boss

A nice long beard with a clean cut the bottom is the hallmark of the Boss beard style. You can see James Harden rocking this on the paint. Imagine how powerful this beard style will be on a bald man?

Handlebar styles

17. Full Grown Beard

Finally, you can opt to get revenge on Mother Nature for inflicting a bald pate on you by growing all the hair you can on your chin. However you look at it, a bald head and a full grown beard complement each other by how one underscores how clean or how full the other is.

What’s more important for a man, a hair or a beard? Check out this video by Max DaSilva:

Being bald with a beard isn’t a curse but a boon. You can take your pick of famous bald characters and bald celebrities with beards who will be sharing their company with you. Try these styles and you’ll see how an aura of badassery will make up for your lack of hair.

What beard style will you sport with your bald head? Give us your answers in the comments section below.
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